GretchCannon: Oh Zuzana!


Oh Zuzana!

I just did my 1st Zuzana Light video today. I am working from home and did it on my lunch break in my office, as some Mason guys are building the stones for our new entertainment center in our den! 

I have cruised some BodyRock videos in the past month or so, but didn't have the equipment to do a lot of their moves, so I hadn't tried a full video yet. I found this one today - no equipment, just a floor and your body, and it is kind of like a cross fit WOD "workout of the day", for time. 

Well, I went on her Facebook page afterwards, and everyone had times that were much lower than mine - from 20-26 minutes! Then I realized I thought you were supposed to do the whole workout 5 times! You are only supposed to do it 3 times! So I got a longer workout in, right? Now I find it funny but it wasn't funny doing it! LOL. I did 5 rounds in 36 minutes. And, of course, I did it with some modifications - because I am not as flexible as her, or as strong, or as agile -- and I was sick all last week and haven't worked out hard in a while. I am sweating! I was expecting to see her abs when I looked in the mirror too, but dammit they were not there! :P 

Dive Bombers x 10 reps
Burpees x 5 reps (her burpees include a push-up -- cray cray!) 
Squat Side Leg Lifts 20 reps right + 20 reps left
Burpees x 5
Side Plank Lift 10 reps right + 10 reps left 
Burpees x 5
Pistol Squat (lift 1 leg to the front) - 10 on each side 
Burpees x5 

Repeat THREE times, or 5 if you are ambitious (illiterate) like me! :)

Oh Zuzana! 

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