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My Mother the Hero

Long overdue - I wanted to share with everyone my Mom’s success with Jenny Craig! I posted a comment on a blog I follow here, and wanted to post it in my own blog too. 

My mom, Debbie (pictured on the left in her workout duds) - has lost 55 lbs in 8 months on the Jenny Craig program! She is such an inspiration to me, and I am just oh so proud of her. 

Like me, she battles hypothyroidism, among lots of other fun ailments that get in the away of meeting her goals. She saw a photo of herself one day that she wasn’t happy with and she decided she was going to change her life for the better. She signed up at a local franchise, and started using their food and snack system, and she just started walking! 

She wears a pedometer every day, all day long. I have even gotten her to track her steps – write them down. She walked 200+ miles in March. She started out not being able to walk around the block without her knees hurting her, her asthma bothering her, and being out of breath. Now, she walks pretty much every day – with or without my Dad (mostly alone!), and walks anywhere from 3-6 miles at a time! We even walked a half marathon a year ago. She can out walk me any day! She checks in weekly at the franchise, where they weigh her and she buys a lot of the food she likes.

When she joined, they had an incentive that you would get half of your sign up fee back if you kept your weight off for 1 year. Well – she did it! She finally got her money, and she is not going to sign up again after the 2 years is over this month. I think its $400 for 2 years just to get weighed and go in and buy your food. I know she can do it! I am going to send this blog comment to you mom, and MOM- I want you to know that I know you can do it! She knows how to portion her food, snack smartly, and order out now. 

In the past, I have run a half marathon, done 2 figure competitions, and I swear to you – this lady has more will power and consistent determination than I do. She can say NO to the chips and salsa when they are calling our names! I tell her about a snack I tried, and she immediately wants to know how many calories it has in it! :) She has maintained her goal weight for 16 months now, which I think is incredible!!! Its so hard once you get to a goal weight to think that you can binge and celebrate – then you end up where you started, and sometimes worse off. She has not wavered!!!

Anyways, my mom is 59, 60 this summer. She is the fittest lady I know and the happiest too. She is my hero and my best friend! This program saved her life, filled her with energy and made her so much younger! I love spending time with my happy healthy mom, and I am just so so proud of her (if you couldn’t tell yet). She even wears out her walking shoes now – all the time! How cool is that? 

November 2007 -
December 2011 - 

                Before -

            Afters !! -

Mom, I am proud of you - keep up your hard work!! I love you! 

Gel Manicures = Dangerous!?

Ok, let me know your thoughts. I don't think I will be getting gel manicures anymore!! Scary!

1.  They contain skin irritants, such as methacrylates, which can cause skin redness, itching, and/or swelling in some people. 
2. Products contain toxic Chemicals.
Nutra Nail may contain a carcinogen, called BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole)
CND Shellac contains methyl pyrrolidone, which may cause reproductive harm, per its packaging. 
3.  Using the UV light to “set” four of these gel manicures introduce you to unnecessary radiation.
Acording to GHK, even though you’re only exposed to the UV light up to 8 minutes each session, cumulative exposure increases your risks just as if you were using a tanning bed.
4.  Soaking off the gel can lead to long-term problems
Since acetone, the product used to soak off the gel is used, has a drying effect on the nails and skin.  Cracking, peeling, or brittle nails as well as chapped skin can occur.
Good Housekeeping suggests, for the above reasons, to stay away of gel manicures. I would love to see a more information on this study, including rebuttals from industry experts.  Calgel, which wasn’t mentioned is something I will consider to continue to get, especially since I do not get them often.



Goodbye March, Hello April!

March is over, as of yesterday. I felt like it was a long month! I think maybe it was! Or maybe it was because I was tracking all of my expenses on my budget! lol. Let's recap my March...
  • Nephew Cade turned 4 and we had a fun birthday at his house.
  • I tried a church in my area! It was really nice. I need to try and go more often. 
  • James bought a new car. He is crazy. 65 Mustang, from Texas. We named him Dallas. 
  • I had to drive the van for my vanpool A LOT. Blah. 
  • James & I hit up the local bar one night and had a great time. 
  • Had a fun Girl's Saturday with Jamie in Newport.
  • Went line dancing one night with James's sister and sister-in-law! Loved it! 
  • Donated my old treadmill "Fred" to the Vietnam Veterans Association, and started working on our downstairs gym project in our house!! More on that later! 
  • Had a good Dr. checkup and mother-daughter day. 
  • Middle of the month had a bad cold all week! That was horrible! 
  • Sold my old jewelry armoires via Craigslist, and bought a new larger one that I love! 
  • Had a fun Girl's night with Elaine in Newport.
  • Went to a nice memorial service yesterday for James's best friend's brother in Temecula. 
  • Worked out some - using a couple cool tools this month.. Zuzana Light & my Fitness Pal app on my iPhone, to count calories (when I remember or am trying hard!), and workouts (calories burned). Let me look back for the big report.. 713 minutes or 12 hours or 16 days, of deliberate exercise. I think that is pretty good! Hopefully I can keep it up and do more! 
  • My budget went well! 
Looking forward to in April.. 
  • Getting my hair done (hey, it is a big deal when you got this much hair! lol) 
  • Stagecoach!! 
That is all I know so far... but I did want to wish you all love and a... 


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