GretchCannon: Gel Manicures = Dangerous!?


Gel Manicures = Dangerous!?

Ok, let me know your thoughts. I don't think I will be getting gel manicures anymore!! Scary!

1.  They contain skin irritants, such as methacrylates, which can cause skin redness, itching, and/or swelling in some people. 
2. Products contain toxic Chemicals.
Nutra Nail may contain a carcinogen, called BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole)
CND Shellac contains methyl pyrrolidone, which may cause reproductive harm, per its packaging. 
3.  Using the UV light to “set” four of these gel manicures introduce you to unnecessary radiation.
Acording to GHK, even though you’re only exposed to the UV light up to 8 minutes each session, cumulative exposure increases your risks just as if you were using a tanning bed.
4.  Soaking off the gel can lead to long-term problems
Since acetone, the product used to soak off the gel is used, has a drying effect on the nails and skin.  Cracking, peeling, or brittle nails as well as chapped skin can occur.
Good Housekeeping suggests, for the above reasons, to stay away of gel manicures. I would love to see a more information on this study, including rebuttals from industry experts.  Calgel, which wasn’t mentioned is something I will consider to continue to get, especially since I do not get them often.

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