GretchCannon: July Recap!


July Recap!

Almost finished with August and here I am finally to reflect on July....

  •  Got back from our fab San Jose Los Cabos vacay on the 4th of July! 
  • Watched fireworks from our balcony for the 3rd year in a row. Time flies!
  • Went on a fun James's fam river trip to Laughlin. One of my fave Laughlin trips yet - great weather and wonderful times! 

Shirt - VS PINK 

Dress - Forever21
  • Got my hair did - added some blonde back in - feels a little more "me"! 

  • Tried some Blue Print Cleanse juices from Whole Foods and almost gagged. Not for me! The ginger makes the juices so groSS!!
  • Had a good online deal on The Fresh Diet - so did that for a week, but had to leave mid-week, so James finished it. It was kind of fun to try, but so pricey normally I would not do it again. And, there are a lot of desserts (cheesecakes!) - so I think I normally eat healthier than this anyways. 
  • Brought 10 bundles of wood down to the beach for Elaine's 33'rd birthday party! 

  • Then I went to my parents' house to hang out one weekend and be in their pool - and my grandmother had another stroke in NC.. 
  • So, she ended up passing away on Sunday 7/29 in the morning sometime. My parents and I got a flight the following Tuesday, and spent the week in NC having the memorial and funeral and helping out and seeing family. I am so blessed I was able to go say goodbye to her with my parents. She was my Dad's mom, my last grandparent, and the one I was always closest to. My Sitti - Lebanese for grandmother - was a special lady that I will never forget. She was funny and sassy and loving and warm. She was in a home for the last 5 years or so and was in so much pain and just restless agony. I am sad to say goodbye to her but I know she is no longer in pain and that she can finally rest - and that gives me peace. I love you Sitti - I will never forget you. God bless your life. Hopefully I can remember to post about the rest of the trip in my August post. I just want to focus on her for now. 
  • James went to Lake Mead with The Gutcheons while I was in NC for one day, so that was nice that he still got to go.. 
  • His back pain has been really bad though - he got a big shot in his back - a type of epidural - and he has been going to physical therapy and taking pain medications.. So he has been slowly feeling better and happier, and I am glad. 
  • Got a couple of cute box signs in the mail for my home office - 
  • 7 workouts logged in July (not enough!).. but ave 71 min each is not too bad. My weight is still around the same as always - which is not bad either - but I would still love to lose 5 lbs! 
How was your July? Cheers to August - and stay tuned for the recap. I work and am inside so much i dont feel like the summer is ever long enough!! 

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