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Happy Halloween! Health & Fashion Treats!

Happy Halloween - from A Fit Fashionista!! 

I have some fitness & fashion treats for you today - no tricks, I swear!

Yesterday at my work Halloween Potluck, I made some Pumpkin Spice muffins - which were not super healthy, but I had to make something easy & quick! I bought a box of spice cake mix, added 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin in place of one of the eggs, then got a bottle of squeezable "cream cheese" flavor frosting to put on top. Bam, super easy, moist and delish! I sprinkled a tiny bit of cinnamon and sugar sprinkles on top of the icing.

A fellow coworker made this super cute festive fruit treat! I loved it and wanted to share it with you! She used bananas with chocolate chips for the eyes and noses of the ghosts, and then little baby Cuties peeled for the pumpkins and little celery slices for the stems. Adorable.

And, for fashion and shopping in general.. I have seen a few fabulous sales pop up in my email inbox this morning, so I wanted to share them with you as my treat! - 31% off with CODE: BRTREAT (today only!) - Pre-Black Friday Sale (ends 11/4!) - 31% off with CODE: Pumpkin (ends 11/1!) - 25% off with CODE: Halloween25 (ends 11/3!) - 20% off with CODE: Save20 - 20% off when you spend $75 on clothes and shoes with CODE: Fall20 - 40% off with CODE: Treat40 - 20% off $50+ with CODE: Trickortreat - 30% off Kid's shoes with CODE: Play (ends today!) - 31% off with CODE: EEK2013

Enjoy!! Have a safe holiday with your friends and fam! 


Recent fashion finds - Target & Kate Spade!

Hey fit fashionistas!

I have been doing a little fall/ winter shopping when I can and wanted to share my and recent fashion finds with you all! surprise sale Tuesday morning in my email inbox surely brightened my day!
Snagged this beautiful brown and black "Cobble Hill Small Leslie", in Chocolate - which is originally
$378 - for $169!! So, with shipping & tax, $187.52.. and with Ebates giving me 3.5% cash back, I will get about $6.50 back - so about $180 for a $378 bag - I am so excited! I think this will look perfect with my old black boots from last fall, and my new brown Kors boots I got in July and have not worn yet!

And, for the love of Tarjhay.. A few items I bought online from and a few were purchased in store.. but here are some of the cute tops I have purchased recently:

My sweater is not plus size - I actually got an XS, but it is this Merona super soft chevron print and was $24.99..

My super fun fave is this Shopping Is My Cardio LOL Vintage sweatshirt I got at the store yesterday!
Here is a pic from my Instagram, but I cannot find it online anywhere! The similar Wildfox sweatshirt is on here. I mean.. I wish shopping was my cardio. I had to get it. Obvi. :)

This cute denim and sweatshirt combo hoodie jacket for $39.99:

This black and white Junior's sweatshirt for $19.99: 


And, this adorable Merona Ponte french terry ponte top for $17.99:

You can pair your new simple tops with your jeans and leggings from last year, and maybe a fun scarf! You don't have to spend a ton of money to update your wardrobe for the new season! Now I need to go somewhere fun and "fall-esque" to get dressed up for!

Did you get any fun new fashion items for fall? Tell me about them!


MIMM # 13:Pop Sugar Must Have October Box Review

Happy Marvelous In My Monday everyone!

I wanted to do my Pop Sugar Must Have October Box Review, since I just opened it!
I got my September box a little late, so I feel like I just got another one!

This might be my least fav of the 3 boxes I have received so far, but I still actually really loved it, and thought it was a great value. Here is what I got:

$16.78: The Can't Cook Book - The Can't Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified!
I always kind of hope that there is a cool book or item that I can gift to someone and save money on buying a gift. I feel like this would normally be one, but with the name of this book, I don't want someone to think that I think they can't cook! Right!? But, it actually looks really easy and cute, so I am going to actually go through it and try some of the recipes and tips!

$13: NYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner & Smokey Shadow Palette
I really love this item in the box - one of my faves from the box. I don't subscribe to any other boxes, so unlike some people, I don't have a lot of makeup that I just get to try out. I love a simple shadow and the small palette is awesome for traveling. Also, I wear liquid liner every day, so it will be fun to try a new one!

$45: Gorjana Griffin Bali Bead Bracelet -
This is cute, but does not look like a $45 bracelet to me - more like a very cheaply made friendship bracelet - BUT - 100% of the proceeds of the ones sold on the site go to Breast Cancer Connections. So, the price really just goes to the charity. I might wear it with a casual outfit in the summertime.

$14: Julep Millie Nail Polish & $18 Freedom Top Coat -
My future sis-in-law gave me a Julep subscription in the past, so it will be fun to try out their polishes again. I love the indigo color of the polish, and even more excited to try the top coat - it claims to pass the smudge test in 5 minutes. Maybe it is like Vinylux, that I recently reviewed on the blog. There was also a coupon to get your 1st Julep box for free. I won't be using it, but it was a nice gesture if you want to try the subscription.

$12: Jane Tran Bobby Pins -
I love bobby pins, and these look unique, so I was happy to get them in the box. They are more pricey than normal bobby pins, so it is fun to get to try these. They seem to hold my hair well, and I thought the packaging was a nice touch. I am hoping they actually are not too tight - I don't want to use something that would tear my hair.

$20: Stitch Fix Gift Card -
I have said before - I hate gift cards - I feel like this always leads to spending more money. So, although this is $20 to try the styling fee, I think it only puts $20 towards the clothes if you actually even like them, then if you do, you still have to pay for the rest. Bah.

$14: The Wet Brush - 
This is my favorite item in the box!!! I need a new brush, all I own are cheap brushes, and I am so big on hair care, so that is kind of embarrassing! The quality seems amazing. This would be something I might buy friends and family if I really fall in love with it!

$3.95 - The Crispery Halloween Crispycake -
Yuck. I want healthy snacks, not a big rice crispy treat that expires Feb 2014 and weighs .22 lbs. What the heck is in it? lol. I mean, don't get me wrong, it looks delicious, but it is so random, and I don't know what to do with it.

We also got a link to enter to win $250 and $250 donated to a breast cancer charity.
Looks like the box values at over $155 this month! Pretty good deal!

I am excited to try November's box, but why is the price going up $4.95? :( 
They might lose a lot of us with that, if the box is not impressive!! Fingers crossed.

If you want to try the box yourself for only $30 - use this link and the code REFER5 -

Did you get this month's box? If so, what was your favorite item?


WIAW#6: Week 5 of Clean Eats!

Happy Thursday - so I am a little late for my WIAW post, but here we go! 

I have been on a mission to eat clean and get in shape for the past 5 weeks! 
Now I am on week 6, and the going is getting tough, but I cannot stop now! 
Here are some delicious examples of what I have been eating, when I am prepping meals and eating at home. We do go out to eat too - and I am trying to keep that as clean as possible too.  

Grilled chicken breast with veggies and cashews:

Grilled steak with veggies:

Extra Lean Ground Turkey with Taco Seasoning & Brown Rice + Topping of Cabbage, Onions, Tomatoes & Cholula hot sauce:

Grilled chicken boobs again, asparagus & cabbage with a small salad. There is my chipped plate again. Must be lucky:

Turkey meatloaf lunch with low sugar ketchup and green beans:

Dinner of Chicken, Grilled asparagus, and a small salad:

So there you go - cheers to week 6, a business trip coming up, and then a fitness conference. 
Hopefully I can stay on track! My only cravings are to eat another whole apple when I have the munchies, topping the tbsp of PB off a little much, and if I even bite a protein bar sometimes, I want to eat 5. lol. 

What are your favorite meals to prep at home?

Have a great Thursday and rest of your week!

A Fit Fashionista 


MIMM #12: San Diego Saturday in September

Happy Monday & almost October everyone!

Thank you Katie for hosting another Marvelous in My Monday blog link up.

My Saturday morning was pretty marvelous.. Spent in San Diego with my sweetheart.  We drove south to La Jolla and scoped out a place to have brunch. We considered Cody's, which was recommended to us and looked super cottagey, shabby chic & cute. I ended up choosing George's at the Cove, since I remember a friend saying they had an amazing view. The top bar floor had a 60+ min wait, and I requested a seat by the view on the middle floor and waited less than 20 min! So lucky on our fabulous day! 

I had some delicious shrimp tacos & iced tea, and James had an ahi noodle dish, shrimp cocktail & a couple of beers. 

It was relaxing and much needed for us. I always do the "boy" trips & activities with James so this was a nice "Gretchen" day that I have wanted to do for a long time! 

We walked around the La Jolla Cove afterwards and took in the beautiful 75 degree September day.. sunglasses, tank, bag, skirt, Kors watch, flip flops. 

I can't wait to scope out more of San Diego soon! 

How was your weekend? 

Have a great week and a fantastic start to your October. 

A Fit Fashionista 



Happy Saturday everyone!

I just wanted to start this day with a public service announcement - DON'T EAT THE CRONUT! 
One of these new croissant and donut combos is almost 600 calories! So I can eat 2, then I will have entire calorie needs fulfilled for the day! lol. I can't even look at these without gaining weight. Do yourself a favor. Don't do it. Haha, love you guys!! Just lookin' out!


Pop Sugar Box - September Review

TGIF, Happy Friday!

The - September Box that I got last weekend was pretty fabulous!!
Sign up HERE & enter the code REFER5 for a discount if you want to try for yourself.

I honestly never planned on keeping this subscription... but I love it! 

Here is what the box came with this month:

DIY Book - $25
Coasters - $16
Headbands - $12 + 20% coupon (One of my fave items in the box!)
Barr-Co. Diffuser - $46 (One of my fave items in the box!)
Fruit bar - $1.50
Sharkies Energy Chews - $1.50 Coupon - $25

So.. $102 in tangible items + the $25 gift card that I may or may not use.
And the box was only $35, so it continues to be such a good deal!

Did you get this month's box? 
If so, what do you think?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Almost OCTOBER - that came fast!


ZEVIA Giveaway Winners!

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Zevia was generous enough to allow me to select 5 winners for the Zevia giveaway that I hosted last week, so I wanted to post the winners here today for you guys! I use - so these winners are truly selected at random by the system!

Free fabulous fizzy Zevia sample packs will be shipped to:

Elis B.
Jordan D.
Lesli K.

I will be emailing the winners above today to get their mailing addresses.

Thanks everyone for participating. Until the next giveaway!!
Love you all!


MIMM #11: OhYeah! Nutrition So Cal Brand Ambassador

Happy MIMM day - thanks to Katie at Healthy Diva Life!
I hope everyone had a great weekend, and also HAPPY FALL!!

Stole this cute little graphic from - although I am never ready to have summer end, since I work inside so much and love the long days and sunshine - fall is always nice too - cooler weather, cute scarves and boots, and lots of much needed family and friend time for the holidays.

I have been wanting to post something I am kind of excited about. I was asked to be a Southern California Brand Ambassador for OhYeah! Nutrition about a month ago! 

You may have seen the lovely Amanda Adams repping this company - she is their only female "athlete" right now, and just from social media interaction, seems like such a sweet person, so passionate and so fit and fun! Just what the brand is all about.

Some of the products you may know of, include:

  • Original Bars (Peanut Butter Crunch is amazing!!)
  • Victory Bars (more clean, and so far I love the Vanilla Almond and the Peanut Butter)
  • Trail Mix Bars
  • Nutritional Ready-to-Drink Shakes & "Tetra" sized RTD shakes
  • Total Protein System Powder (I like Vanilla and Chocolate!)
  • Isolate Powder
  • Total Mass System Powder
  • BCAA Powder
  • CLA Powder
  • Men's & Women's Multivitamin 

You can buy them on the OhYeah! Nutrition website,,, here, and other gyms and drug stores and gas station shops across the country. They have been big on the East Coast (they are based out of good ole NC), since 2004, and they are just starting to make a bigger presence here on the West Coast. I actually 1st tried the delicious original bar when I won a contest on Facebook or Twitter that Amanda Adams was hosting early this year!

Those who know me know that I have a full time job as a Marketing Manager during the week. I work well over 40 hours a week, I commute 140 miles round trip 2x a week, and I have to try to find time to work out, cook, keep the house up, have a life. So, I don't have a lot of free time. But, I LOVE FITNESS and HEALTH. And, I have been slowly getting back into the groove after a 5ish year hiatus due to health issues. I just love this brand, and could not pass up the opportunity. It is just a "side job" working a few times a month on a weekend - behind a booth, handing out samples and being an ambassador for the brand. A little side money, a way to network and be involved in the fitness industry, and hopefully a lot of fun!

I did my 1st job on Saturday and trained with the girl who hired me - at a Vitamin Shoppe in Orange County. Traffic was slow in the store, but I learned and I am excited and ready to rock!

Hope you had a good weekend too!

Any fun plans for the beginning of fall? 
Have you ever tried any OhYeah! Nutrition products?

P.S. Per last week's MIMM, I have a few Lululemon items that didn't fit me that I posted on Ebay here. Some are ending soon, but I have a couple more to post this week, if you want to keep an eye out!

And, my Zevia giveaway ends in a day and a half, so get on that too - if you want to win a free 6-pack of Zevia to try!


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