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Birthday Hookups!

My birthday is June, and I can say that I am like a lot of girls & women in that I celebrate all month, all week, all day. In these digital times, something else super exciting is all of the Birthday Hookups and freebies and discounts that come along with celebrating the day you were born!! I am going to try and list here the highlights of what I received this year.

  • Victoria's Secret - sent me an Angel's card in the mail, with a $10 coupon! I got it in May, and spent it right away. The nice thing is that you can use it online OR in person - so of course, I placed an online order. I also got a $10 email coupon about a week later - so I am not sure if it is the same code, or 2 different ones!
  • Sephora - Free Benefit goody kit! Check it out here. Last year, I got the lip glosses option. The nice thing about this Sephora gift, is that there are no surprises. You could walk into the store and walk out without spending money, and get your free gift. Who are we kidding, of course we can't walk into Sephora and not spend money - but it is not required. :)
  • ULTA - I got an email that says that anytime I shop in June, I get 2x bonus points. I probably won't use this, since there is no Ulta near me, and I would prefer a discount :)
  • 7 For All Mankind (7 FAM) - Email for 20% off in stores on online. 
  • Sunglass Hut - I didn't get this one, but my boyfriend's birthday is also in June, and he got a coupon in the mail for $10 off a $100+ purchase. 
  • Macy's - Email to get free shipping. Not tooo exciting..
  • Piperlime - $15 off $60 or more - but only good for 1 week. 
  • Banana Republic - $15 off a single purchase - good for 1 month!
  • Boudin Bakery - Email that a free cookie was uploaded to my account. Expires in the next 2 weeks. 
  • Souplantation - Buy 1 meal, get 1 free. Expires in 2 weeks. I don't like these 2 week expiration dates. How many food joints can I hit up in 2 weeks surrounding my birthday? lol
  • Baskin Robbins - Coupon to print for a free 2.5 oz scoop or a 3 oz swirl of soft serve! I love me some frozen yogurt in the summer time, so I will probably go get a scoop one day!
  • Starbucks!!! - This is my favorite one. You get a free drink or food reward on your birthday! I will probably go cash it in soon for a venti anything! They emailed it, and they usually also send a postcard in the mail. 
Let me know if there is something fabulous I am missing out on!
& Happy Birthday fellow June babies!

A Fit Fashionista

Last Week's Workouts

Last week I left for a last minute and super short vacay to Cabo with my man, but I got in 3 good workouts and a nice 2 mile walk (back & forth from dinner)! We REALLY enjoy Mexican food, and I had to have a few drinks (of course) - so it is important to me to balance it out, so I don't feel so guilty!

Mon: 35 min insanity Cardio Balance; 15 min arms & abs - 261 cals

Tues: Rest

Wed: Rest

Thurs: Cardio 3.28 miles 48 min walk jog outside (250 cals); 15 min tone it up bridal babe video 

Fri: Active Rest - 2 mile leisurely walk to and from dinner

Sat: 30 min walk/jog on beach in Cabo, 15 min weights

Sun: Rest

This week is almost over, so I hope you had a good week and we can check in next week on what we worked out. I am busy this weekend too, so I hope to have at least 3 workouts in again!

A Fit Fashionista


Fashionistas in Flats - Blog Feature

Happy Tuesday!

Sam over at la petite pear featured me on her blog last week for her Fashionistas in Flats series!
Please go check out the post by clicking the photo below or the link here.
So honored to be one of her fashionistas! And I love a fabulous pair of flats! Thanks Sam!


Pop Sugar Must Have Box

Last week, I signed up to get my 1st Pop Sugar box, which will ship in August.  I am so excited! My future sister-in-law, over at The Stepford Guide - is crazy about monthly subscription boxes and has inspired me to try one of my own.

The June box included a scarf, a moisturizer, a fitness DVD, a book, mints, and fit popcorn! I think this box sold me - as I would like to have all of the above - and what a great deal for under $35 with the coupon. You can save some for yourself, give someone a gift, or share with your friends and fam!

Try it with me and let's see what we think! Click the graphic below to receive a monthly box of fun, must-have picks curated for you by the POPSUGAR editors. $35 per month, free shipping.

Use my discount code to get $5 off - REFER5.


Monday Sale Hits and Misses

I woke up on Monday excited to see a Kate Spade Surprise Sample Sale in my inbox. It didn't work on my computer, and when I went on Facebook, over 300 people were pretty mad about it too.

So, I checked out some other sales -

Piperlime was "up to" 50% off, but I didn't really find anything I had to have. And the things I wanted were not marked down very much. I also don't like the way the site is sorted. I like to sort by lowest price, don't you? I want to see what the cheapest finds are 1st, and work my way up from there.

J.Crew also had a sale. I didn't buy anything, but these are some of the things I was eyeing -

$215 down to $149.99. Such a cute Guia La Bruna bikini! The bows look so cute, but I am sure that once you put the suit on, they would be more on the sides. And $150 is still a lot to me for this suit.

These 3" chino shorts in Herringbone stripe were about $50, and now they are $40. I love the colors, but I don't get to wear shorts as much I would like and don't need them. They are adorable though.

This embroidered eyelet tank was only $10ish off, and was $54.99 but I thought it was adorable - in red or white. 

I have been wanting a yellow bracelet and I loved this! $59.99 off of $78. I really want this, but I just recently bought a few other things that I mentioned on the blog the other day - from J. Crew Factory, so I am going to behave for now. :)

Happy shopping! Let me know if you scored anything fabulous this week!
Have a wonderful weekend. 


New dresses!

Don't you love summer dresses!? I do. I wish I had more space to hang them up, because I hate getting rid of any of the old ones. Just in case, right?

Anyways, I have had a few fabulous finds lately that I wanted to share with you guys!

I got this dress at Windsor! I never shop at Windsor usually, but I glanced in, saw tons of cute stripey maxi dresses and couldn't resist this one below. Isn't it adorable? I thought it would be a great beach date night outfit, or summer party, or perhaps on a summer trip! We might be going to Jamaica later this summer, so this would be really fun to wear there - with flip flops or black and cork wedges! It was only $45 and you can find it here. The back is really different and fun! I have never owned anything like that.

Popped into Anthro on my birthday and saw this dress. I was dying over it! I have no idea what I will save it and wear it for, but I am so in love with it. It is a thick soft stretchy material that looks amazing on! It was $118, called the Poppy Striped Dress. My girlfriend suggested that I needed to go to a fabulous LA museum and do lunch in this dress. I am excited to wear it! Check it out here

And, I wasn't sure if I was going to find this one online, because I got it from a little boutique (for about $65 I think) - but I searched and found in on Zappos of all places! Check it out here. Looks like I got a great deal, right!? I love it because I don't surprisingly own a lot of pink clothing, especially dresses, and this was another one that would be so fun for Jamaica or for going out in this summer with some bronzer on and a tan. The top is criss-crossed and the weight of the dress is a nice jersey cotton material, that is thick and substantial feeling. I can't wait to wear this one too!  

I hope you enjoyed the post and I would love to see some of your fun summer finds as well! 


Happy Hump Day - Last Week's Fitness Review

Happy Hump Day!

Here is my fitness review from last week. I got a little lazy after my birthday, and work has been really stressful for James - which is affecting me and us as well. I did get in 3 good workouts - which is better than nothing, and am trying to commit this week to at least that many and hopefully more.

Monday - For my birthday, I went to the spa and got a heavenly 80 minute massage. Beforehand, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and then 15 minutes of weights machines.

Friday - I did a full body 30 minute BeFit workout from YouTube, and then 35 minutes on the treadmill - which was mostly jogging - and was a little over 2 miles.

Saturday - I did a full body 40 minute YouTube video, then 35 minutes on the treadmill again for cardio - which was about 2.30 miles.

I created a playlists of fun YouTube Fitness videos that you can do from home. I am always adding to it, so check out my channel at the link below and my "fitness workouts" playlists - and while you are there, subscribe to my videos!

My YouTube Channel



Fun Outfit of the Day!

I hope you all had a great father's day this past weekend. 

Here was my fun & comfy outfit of the day, with a high pony! 
I hope you like it! I love the shoes, they are so fun and sparkly! 

Dress - Target
Shoes - Nordstrom Rack 
Necklace - Forever21
Earrings - Tory Burch 
Bangle & Purse - Kate Spade 
Toes & Nails - Essie 
iPhone Case - Ebay 

Check out my YouTube video for some more of the jewelry - and I hope you all continue to have a good week! 


A Fit Fashionista 


June Jewelry Haul!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all have a great day and enjoyed spending time with the fathers in your life this weekend.
I was excited to film my June Jewelry Haul video on Saturday because I don't normally buy a lot of jewelry at one time, but I have had some really fun finds lately for summer that I wanted to share with you. Watch the video below, and be sure to describe to my YouTube channel, thumbs up the video, and leave some comment love!

Outfit details will be in my next blog post. Here are the haul detz! Enjoy!

Tory Burch - Earrings (wearing)
J. Crew Factory - White large bauble studs #04591
J. Crew Factory - Gold Pave Chain Link bracelet
J. Crew Factory - Long Navy and Rhinestone Ball Necklace
Windsor - Pale pink, white & gold bangle set of bracelets
Charming Charlie - White & gold circles charm bracelet - $10
Forever 21 - Gold Necklace with oval shapes- $8.80
Victoria by Macy's - Gold Birthday Earrings from Parents :)


Happy Hump Day!

Work outfit of the day!

Scarf = Birthday gift! Francesca's 
Top & Pants = Banana Republic
Sandals = Kenneth Cole Reaction
Watch = Michael Kors 
Purse = LV Speedy 

2 days till Friday! 

Bandaid French Manicure!

I found yet another fun, cheap way to give myself a french manicure!
I posted the Sharpie mani the other day, and then I stumbled upon the bandaid mani on Pinterest!

I painted a clear base coat, then used fun color Forever21 bandaids - cut 5 in half, then stuck them on my nails, with as much nail showing as I wanted painted. Then painted 2 coats of Essie Tart Deco on the top of the bandaid, and let completely dry. Then I peeled them off from 1 side to the other, and put clear top coat on. Voila! So cheap and easy and perfect in a pinch! My mani doesn't last too long anyways, so this was perfect to do while getting ready to go out for my birthday dinner over the weekend!

I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you try it!


June Victoria's Secret VS Haul!

Hey everyone - Happy June!

Check out my June Victoria's Secret Haul video - and more details below!

My outfit =
Shirt & Jeans by AE
Necklace - Nordstrom
Watch - Kors
Bracelets - Express

Haul =
Pink Tee - University of Georgia - $19.99
Tape Crochet Black Coverup - $29.99
VSX Angel Bra Mesh - $24.99
CJ Print Mini Multicolor Coverup - $19.99
Pink Campus Shorts - $18.00
Then I used a $10 giftcard, and got the free trio bags!

Can't wait to see what everyone else shopped for in June!
A VS Semi Annual sale starts today too!


Birthday Outfit of the Day!

I put a fun birthday outfit together last minute that I wanted to share with you all!
I had a really fun sushi dinner out with my boyfriend & 4 other couples! Enjoy and have a fabulous June!

Dress - Love by Forever21
Shoes - Jessica Simpson
Bag - Louis Vuitton
Necklace - Express
Nail & toe polish - Essie


May Finished Products

Happy June everyone!

I made a video at the end of May to showcase my finished products!
I love finishing a product, because I feel that it was money well spent, and not something I bought to sit in my cabinets at home.

Product Detz:

Outfit Detz:

  • Tank - American Eagle 
  • "G" Necklace - Nordstrom 
  • Earrings - Nadri Nordstrom
  • Bow Ring - Kate Spade
  • Silver Ring - T&CO
  • Watch - KORS 
  • Gold Bangle - Coach 

Enjoy, and I hope you all have a great June!


Sharpie Manicure!

Ok, Pinterest does it again! I painted my nails on my lunch break today & added some Sharpie Manicure stylee!

Essie nail polish has the best colors, but unfortunately for me, doesn't stay out very long on my nails. So, I did no base coat, then 2 coats of Essie Tart Deco, 1 coat of Essie Good to Go top coat, then took a pointed Gold Metallic Sharpie Permanent Marker and painted some French tips & ring fingers on! Another light quick top coat to protect the marker - but I also read on another blog that you could spray hairspray over the marker ink, then apply your top coat, to prevent the Sharpie from smearing. 

I am a lefty, so applying to my left hand was much harder to draw neatly, but I sat in a chair with my knees to my chest, and propped my left hand on my knee for stability. 

There you go! A new fun mani trick! Let me know if you try it! 

Last week's fitness recap

Happy Monday & Happy June!

finally feel like I am over my cold and can get back into the groove! I switched it up a bit last week, but tried to get active when I had enough energy. June is a crazy month for me with birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Day, and weekend trips to the lake or beach - so it is important for me to try and stay active and eating clean on the days in between! 

Mon: Rest

Tues: 25 min upper body/abs at gym; spin class cardio 60 min

Wed: 30 min legs at gym; elliptical precore 30 min 2 miles

Thurs: Rest

Fri: home 25 min tone it up YouTube videos; walk outside 35 min 1.5 miles, 30 min pick avocados outside (good leg stability and arm workout!)

Sat: lots of walking! (Active rest) 1 hour beach walking w parents + 2 hours walking around shops! 

Sun: 5 min TM warmup walk; home gym workout 40 min upper body (body designs pt); cardio TM 30 min 2 miles 

I have a hair appointment this week and work happy hours, but I am going to try to get in a workout today (Mon), Thurs, and Friday - at the least! 

Happy Monday and Happy June! 


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