GretchCannon: Last week's fitness recap


Last week's fitness recap

Happy Monday & Happy June!

finally feel like I am over my cold and can get back into the groove! I switched it up a bit last week, but tried to get active when I had enough energy. June is a crazy month for me with birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Day, and weekend trips to the lake or beach - so it is important for me to try and stay active and eating clean on the days in between! 

Mon: Rest

Tues: 25 min upper body/abs at gym; spin class cardio 60 min

Wed: 30 min legs at gym; elliptical precore 30 min 2 miles

Thurs: Rest

Fri: home 25 min tone it up YouTube videos; walk outside 35 min 1.5 miles, 30 min pick avocados outside (good leg stability and arm workout!)

Sat: lots of walking! (Active rest) 1 hour beach walking w parents + 2 hours walking around shops! 

Sun: 5 min TM warmup walk; home gym workout 40 min upper body (body designs pt); cardio TM 30 min 2 miles 

I have a hair appointment this week and work happy hours, but I am going to try to get in a workout today (Mon), Thurs, and Friday - at the least! 

Happy Monday and Happy June! 

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