GretchCannon: Last Week's Workouts


Last Week's Workouts

Last week I left for a last minute and super short vacay to Cabo with my man, but I got in 3 good workouts and a nice 2 mile walk (back & forth from dinner)! We REALLY enjoy Mexican food, and I had to have a few drinks (of course) - so it is important to me to balance it out, so I don't feel so guilty!

Mon: 35 min insanity Cardio Balance; 15 min arms & abs - 261 cals

Tues: Rest

Wed: Rest

Thurs: Cardio 3.28 miles 48 min walk jog outside (250 cals); 15 min tone it up bridal babe video 

Fri: Active Rest - 2 mile leisurely walk to and from dinner

Sat: 30 min walk/jog on beach in Cabo, 15 min weights

Sun: Rest

This week is almost over, so I hope you had a good week and we can check in next week on what we worked out. I am busy this weekend too, so I hope to have at least 3 workouts in again!

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