GretchCannon: July Beauty Products Finished


July Beauty Products Finished

Here are some beauty products I finished up in July:

  • Neutrogena oil-free SPF15 moisturizer - I use this every morning after I wash my face - You can get this at any drugstore like RiteAid or CVS, or or or Target. I have already re-purchased this, and even got my boyfriend going on it! 
  • Enjoy Shampoo - Sulfate free and smells amazing! You can order this on or get it from your local beauty supply store or hair salon. I would buy this again, but I am trying different shampoos and conditioners right now, so I won't buy it yet. 
  • Bath & Body Works Lemon Lip Balm - my FAVORITE. So smooth and moisturizing. I have back ups of this already! I will continue to keep buying this, unless I find something better one day!
  • Peach Bath & Body Works Candle - I usually light this this while taking a bath to relax! I don't buy candles often, but I would buy this again. Or even, another Bath & Body Works scent, or a peach candle from somewhere else. 
  • Epsom Salt - I love taking a bath with epsoms for tired muscles. I buy this from the drug store or Target - you can even get it at the grocery store! I usually buy a couple at a time, and don't have a brand preference. I never take a bath without it! 
What beauty products did you use up in July?
What will you buy again?


  1. The peach candle is one of my faves too! Reminds me of summer :) Are you all peached out now?

    1. Haha, no way! I am a GA peach for life! <3 I actually don't have much peach anything now that the candle is gone and the peaches are eaten!


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