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Kate Spade Haul

Thank goodness it is Friday! 

I have a Kate Spade Haul to share with you all below! 

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July and enjoy the haul. I just HEART Kate Spade. The colors and sass and fun is just so appealing and refreshing to me. 

So, in mid-June, there was a Kate Spade surprise sale awaiting a lot of us in our inboxes. There was major traffic to this site, and upon visiting the Kate Spade Facebook fan page, there seemed to be a lot of irate ladies that were trying unsuccessfully to make their purchases. Well, I was finally able to get in around lunch time when I was working at home, and snagged a new laptop bag, a cosmetic case, and some earrings! 

This is how I roll ya'll.. 

Estate Garden Studs Earrings - $29 (Retail price $58 - so saved $30) - I thought these were super cute for summer and my favorite color is yellow!

Bow Shoppe Shiloh Cosmetic Case - $29 (Retail price $70 - so saved $41) - I know that everyone, including myself probably has 1 too many makeup bags, but they are so fun, a cute way to own some designer items without breaking the bank, and they always make your suitcase much brighter and more playful when you are travelling. So, I say you can never have too many. 

Lindenwood Leopard Chad Laptop Bag - $85 (Retail price $338 - so saved $253 - also on Amazon now for $200) - I have been wanting a new laptop bag, so I am really excited about this one. 

So, with shipping & sales tax, my total was only $159.44.. a savings of about $324
And you know you can't find many single items from Kate Spade for around $150, so I think I got some great deals. OH - I wouldn't forget to remind you that Ebates also usually gives about 3.5% cash back, and it is not posted on my account yet, but I should probably get back around $5.50, just for shopping at Kate Spade and having the Ebates button on my tool bar. You can also just go to Ebates 1st, then click the store you want to shop at. I love it, because it tells you what coupons are available at certain stores, and you get cash back for shopping. Since 2007, I have received over $600 cash back from Ebates, so every little bit definitely helps. 

Here is everything at my house, unpackaged and ready to love! 

If you guys have any Kate Spade love to share, I would love to hear about it! 

Any other great surprise sales going on this summer? I would love if Tory Burch would take a huge discount off of their site sometimes - I would go nuts! 

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