GretchCannon: MIMM #6: August Pop Sugar Must Have Subscription Box Review


MIMM #6: August Pop Sugar Must Have Subscription Box Review

Something a little Marvelous In My Monday for you - I got my 1st Pop Sugar Must Have subscription box in the mail on Friday! 

Check out Pop Sugar here: 

I was so excited to try out this box subscription, after hearing about it from my sis-in-law to-be at The Stepford Guide. I was checking my email and the FedEx notifications and we were chatting on Gmail chat while we were both waiting to see what we got. She lives in NY, and I am in CA - she got her shipment in 1st, but we got them on the same day.

How it works, in case you don't know -

The box is a monthly subscription cost of $35 + tax, and shipping is free. I used the REFER5 code for my 1st box, so my total was around $32. If you buy 3 months or more at a time, there are some price breaks they will give you for the commitment. They also do some special seasonal boxes, like their current Fall Style box, for $100, and a Men's box, which my brother apparently loves! 

Here is how the box arrived at my doorstep:

It had 1 small tab of tape and was super easy to open after that. Surprise! It is Christmas! It is my birthday! It felt like some kind of celebration should be happening. It's like you knew it was coming, but you didn't really know what was coming. But, you knew there had to be something fabulous inside! Here is how the box looked when I opened it up. The pink card is heavy stock, and has a beautiful photo and description of every item in the box inside it:

Too much fun, and makes you feel totally special! This would also be a fun gift to give someone. You can gift a subscription to someone as well. That might be fun to do for a long distance friend or relative.

Gorjana Open Circle Necklace - $60
So, I had seen this necklace in a sneak peak email and it is probably what really made me want to actually try the box. It is a really dainty gold necklace - it feels like the material is really nice and sturdy, but it looks really delicate and feminine. I really love it. They are calling it their anniversary gift to their subscribers, so I assume this wouldn't normally be in the box. Without this, I am not sure if the box has enough stuff in it, so I am really happy I got it. You can check out other necklaces on the website - they have tons of gorgeous items. This necklace retails for around $60. There you go - your box is already paid for almost twice! I like to rationalize my shopping when I get a great deal. 

It came in a black felt bag, and attached to a card as pictured. The circle is big enough to go around my thumb, if you are wondering about the size. I also posted a picture of the necklace on me - so you can see the length of the chain. I love where it hits on the body. It looks like something i would see on a TV show or the Bachelor then look up on to see where to buy it.  Also, I would order something else from Gorjana now in a heart beat. It would have been cool if they had included a coupon code. Now I am just getting greedy. This was my #1 favorite thing in the box though, if you couldn't already tell. And, I would definitely rock this necklace with a cute top - not with the workout tank I am currently modeling it with ;) 
Bentgo - $19.99
The next item I checked out was the Bentgo containers. I tried to go in order of the brochure to open my items and review them. As you can see, the brochure showed green, and I got purplish pink. I like the color I got!! It is on sale for $14.99, but let's just say it retails for $19.99. It says it is dishwasher & microwave safe, has a 2 year warranty, has no BPA, lead, vinyl, or PVC in it, and is FDA approved. It looks like it is manufactured in Tustin, CA - which is right in Orange County/ So Cal! So, that is very cool to be able to support or promote a local business. 

As you can see, it comes with a strap to keep the 2 boxes together, a divider inside, and plasticware utensils. This is great for taking my lunch and healthy snacks to work. I have tons of Rubbermaid tupperware, but this is fun and it is purple, so I don't think my boyfriend will steal it for his food ;). I will stick it in the dishwasher today, so that I can use it next week!

LULAH Body Wash - $11.25
The photo and what my sis-in-law got is Magnolia Fig - which sounds amazing. I love fig scents from Bath & Body Works, so I would probably have loved that scent. Andrea said she really loved it. I got Vanilla Orchid though - which smells pretty good. It is a light scent, and I always like vanilla, so I am looking forward to trying it out. I love taking baths, so this is perfect, and it will look cute on the side of the tub or in my little bath basket I use. It is on the Lulah website for $11.25 - which seems like an odd price to me! Why not $10.99 or $11.99? It also says that it usually comes with a pump, so that would have been nice to have for us as well - I love how much easier products are to use with a pump. But, this would be easy for travel or up high in the shower with the lid.  

Their website is really cute, and by the looks of the stores they carry their products in, you can really only find them in specialty beauty stores and boutiques - so that makes this a little more special! They also included a coupon that I will show at the end of the review - for 20% off your 1st purchase - which is really good - but it does expire on 9/30/13. I would love to try some of the other scents and fragrances. These would make a really nice gift for someone. 

May Designs Weekly Agenda Notebook - $15 
This is my 3rd favorite thing in the box. I am a sucker for a good planner. I am a note taker, organizer, list-maker, etc. I love notebooks - and I love chevron patterns. The color is like a dark teal. I took a photo of the back, because I thought the packaging was cute - "People against ugly notebooks". Too funny. I concur. I think you really have to check out their website if you think this item is cute. You can personalize the books, and choose from tons of super cute designs. This would be a really cute gift for any girl, I think. 

The book covers are a little flimsy, so you just have to make sure you don't bend it - that is the only con I think. The inside has a weekly agenda area on the left with blank dates, and places on the right side pages to write "Things to do", "Errands to run", and "Oh, and can't forget!" This company is smart - they sent a discount code, but in order to see whether you will get $5, $50 or $500, you have to go to a special Pop Sugar link, and register for their website. I don't mind registering, because I would definitely buy something from them in the future, so I entered my code and they gave me $5. I don't know if I will be able to use it in the near future, but it looks like it is now saved in my account to redeem in the future! 

Lunares Apple Bowl - $29
This and the snacks that you will see below, were on the bottom of my faves list, but this is a good quality home decor item. A similar item on the website retails for $40, but shows 2 apples. It is on sale for $29, and we got 1 apple, so I am going to price point this item at $29. This would be cute as a gift for a child's teacher, or if you wanted to use it for a jewelry dish. You could even put it by the sink and put your rings in it when you are doing dishes. My mom's kitchen is red themed, and I have a friend that is buying a new house soon - so I might just save this one to give as a gift. It would be cute to keep in the kitchen to serve nuts or mints in, or you could use it at your desk for paperclips or pushpins. The entire bottom is a silver metal, the inside is painted nicely red, and it comes in a nice black box. 

Dermacologica Precleanse and Special Cleansing Gel - $19.50
The 1 oz. of the Precleanse is $9.50 on the website, and says it is good for taking off waterproof makeup, and helps your regular cleaner work better. I am always looking for a good cleaner that will also actually take off your makeup, so this will be nice to be able to try - the 5oz. is $37. It is different because you actually apply and massage it over a dry, not a wet face. The 1.7 oz. Special Cleaning Gel sample is $10 on the website and the full 8.4o oz. bottle is $35. This is supposed to be a foamy soap-free cleanser. We got a nice Pop Sugar customer-specific booklet, and a 25% discount code, expiring 10/31/13 to use on their website. This was actually my 2nd favorite thing in the box, because I have never tried any Dermacologica products, and have always wanted to!

Naturebox Granny Smith Apples - $2
To be honest, this "special extra" made my 1st Pop Sugar box a little less fabulous. I mean, I love a little healthy snack here and there, and it does say that is was an extra, but to go with the "special" feeling this box has, with luxury fashion and beauty items in it, a random snack seems misplaced. If they wanted to include a snack, I would think they would choose something more upscale like a pack of gourmet nuts or chocolate, or a nice tea or coffee. I am seeing online that people think this bag is worth $4, but I don't see the price on the website. I am going to guess more like $2. 

They are actually part of a healthy food subscription box called Nature Box, that Pop Sugar teamed up with. We also received a 50% discount coupon code to sign up for a 1st box with them. I won't be signing up, but I did try the snack, and liked the apples. Ok, I admit - I ate the whole bag while I was working this afternoon. So they weren't bad, just random. There are 2 servings of 100 calories, and the only ingredient is apples. Like I said though, a little misplaced, in my opinion - this is not a food box - but with the partnership - I am thinking Pop Sugar might continue to include more of their products in the future.  

Here is a photo of the coupons - we also got a giveaway invite for an LA Pop Sugar party with Lauren Conrad. They should include some of her clothing or accessories in a box! Anyways, I entered the contest just to fully review the box, and get my money's worth! 

Here is a nice photo of everything laid out - it must be so fun to put these together over at Pop Sugar HQ every month! I am really tempted to sign up for the Must Have Fall box - but it is $100, and I have no idea what is in it, except for a Rachel Zoe ring that they are teasing on the website. I will, however, keep my subscription for now and see what is in store for September! Tallying the prices above, I am guesstimating that this box retails around $155-$160, not counting all the shipping and tax you would have to pay if you bought each item individually. That is pretty freaking fabulous and amazing, if you ask me. I am a sucker for a good deal, I love trying out new products, and I love that I paid under $35 for all of this! So happy I tried it!

I hope you enjoyed my review as much as I enjoyed writing it! Miss Boots was pretty happy about the Pop Sugar box and my review too. She's fancy.

Click here to sign up to try Pop Sugar out for yourself ( -
and to get $5 off, use the code REFER5.

Have you tried a Pop Sugar subscription box before? Tell me about it! 

If you got this box too, what was your favorite item?


  1. loved reading your review! do you think you will keep the subscription?

    1. Loved reading yours as well - I think I am going to keep it until I am disappointed! So, plan on checking out September together as well!! Love it! Wore the necklace yesterday and gave the apple dish to my mom at her birthday!

  2. Cool stuff! I'm not subscribed to any but I always love looking at what people got in theirs lol Surprises are awesome :)

    1. I know, I love the surprise! Thanks for checkin it out!


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