GretchCannon: MIMM #12: San Diego Saturday in September


MIMM #12: San Diego Saturday in September

Happy Monday & almost October everyone!

Thank you Katie for hosting another Marvelous in My Monday blog link up.

My Saturday morning was pretty marvelous.. Spent in San Diego with my sweetheart.  We drove south to La Jolla and scoped out a place to have brunch. We considered Cody's, which was recommended to us and looked super cottagey, shabby chic & cute. I ended up choosing George's at the Cove, since I remember a friend saying they had an amazing view. The top bar floor had a 60+ min wait, and I requested a seat by the view on the middle floor and waited less than 20 min! So lucky on our fabulous day! 

I had some delicious shrimp tacos & iced tea, and James had an ahi noodle dish, shrimp cocktail & a couple of beers. 

It was relaxing and much needed for us. I always do the "boy" trips & activities with James so this was a nice "Gretchen" day that I have wanted to do for a long time! 

We walked around the La Jolla Cove afterwards and took in the beautiful 75 degree September day.. sunglasses, tank, bag, skirt, Kors watch, flip flops. 

I can't wait to scope out more of San Diego soon! 

How was your weekend? 

Have a great week and a fantastic start to your October. 

A Fit Fashionista 


  1. You are so gorgeous! The view and the food looked amazing! I seriously wish I loved out there! <3

    Happy Monday love! <3

    1. Aw I wish you did too, you would fit in perfect! And I would come smother Rocco with kisses! lol. The view and food were amazing, we really did have a wonderful day together! We needed it.

  2. What a fabulous time you had! Love that outfit, the necklace, the seared tuna dish and your happiness :)

  3. Looks like an awesome weekend! Those shrimp tacos look super tasty, too! :)

    1. So good, thanks!! I got all the sauces on the side, and got salad vs. tortilla chips! Trying to be a good clean eater!

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