GretchCannon: WIAW#6: Week 5 of Clean Eats!


WIAW#6: Week 5 of Clean Eats!

Happy Thursday - so I am a little late for my WIAW post, but here we go! 

I have been on a mission to eat clean and get in shape for the past 5 weeks! 
Now I am on week 6, and the going is getting tough, but I cannot stop now! 
Here are some delicious examples of what I have been eating, when I am prepping meals and eating at home. We do go out to eat too - and I am trying to keep that as clean as possible too.  

Grilled chicken breast with veggies and cashews:

Grilled steak with veggies:

Extra Lean Ground Turkey with Taco Seasoning & Brown Rice + Topping of Cabbage, Onions, Tomatoes & Cholula hot sauce:

Grilled chicken boobs again, asparagus & cabbage with a small salad. There is my chipped plate again. Must be lucky:

Turkey meatloaf lunch with low sugar ketchup and green beans:

Dinner of Chicken, Grilled asparagus, and a small salad:

So there you go - cheers to week 6, a business trip coming up, and then a fitness conference. 
Hopefully I can stay on track! My only cravings are to eat another whole apple when I have the munchies, topping the tbsp of PB off a little much, and if I even bite a protein bar sometimes, I want to eat 5. lol. 

What are your favorite meals to prep at home?

Have a great Thursday and rest of your week!

A Fit Fashionista 


  1. All your meals look amazing! The fitness conference sounds fun. How would I found out if there was one in my area??

    1. Hey - thanks for the blog love! This conference is called FMI - and you can google it. I just follow tons of fitness pages on social media, and try to keep my eye out! Where do you live?

    2. I live in Maryland. So many seem to be located on the west coast

  2. Yum I love your clean eats, simple yet delish! Have fun at the fitness conference :) Lots of Love C

  3. Everything looks amazing! Can I hire you?


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