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September Pop Sugar Must Have Box Review! MIMM #14

Hey fit fashionistas! 

Good to be blogging today. If you know me at all off the blog, you know that I have been ill for almost a year now, so that is why I haven't posted in probably a year or more. I have had my ups and downs all year long - right now I am in an up-mode of getting better, but I need to wait till the end of November to make sure my new medication works and I stay well. It is scary and hard, but I am a fighter and I am determined to never quite. Life is so precious, and I just want another chance. I am trying to be as positive as possible, because it has been so long and I have to, if I want to get through this! If you want to read more about this past year and my condition - my website and blog are HERE. I would like to also post this review today on Katie's MIMM site HERE, since I keep in contact with her and really miss being a part of her Healthy Diva blogger community. This will be my 14th MIMM post, and my last one was almost a year ago for the October 2013 box. 

I am so glad I am able to sit at the computer and concentrate on typing some more now and I recently got this September Pop Sugar Must Have Box in the mail, while I am staying with my parents - so I thought it would be fun and good practice to sit down and review it for my readers. I have been wanting to do a blog post again for some time now, and it does make me feel a little more like me! 

If you want to sign up to get these boxes in the mail every month, you can CLICK HERE on the Pop Sugar Must Have sign up link, and you can use the code REFER5 to get $5 off of your 1st box! Regular monthly cost is $39.95, and I think you can purchase on a month to month schedule, or in bundles of 3-6 months at a time. 

Here are the contents of the box after I took them out on my mom's dining room table:

It is fun to get a surprise in the mail each month, with special things inside that you might like to try or give to someone, and you get to learn about new companies and try new products - I just think it is really fun, like having a stocking or birthday gift come in the mail every month.

The Tilo scarf you see is valued at $125. I think it is a long and silky feeling, very good quality scarf, but - I could never actually spend $125 on a scarf. If this scarf is really worth this much, what a nice addition to this month's box! It is an ombre multicolor of light blues and purples, and I think it will be really cute with jeans and boots for fall this year. I am not good at tying scarves, but I found this on Pinterest that I can use this fall for ideas: 15 Ways To Tie Scarves.

We (the shoppers) got a packet of 5 Letter C pencils and a little sharpener - valued at $5. They are black with little gold foil arrows on them, and are super cute for a nice pen/ pencil jar at your desk or in your room. My mom and I have been doing crossword puzzles every morning since I have stayed with her, and she sharpened them up for me. I wish the lead was softer and darker - it is a bit hard and sharp. But the pencils are cute, so I still like them! I gave mom a couple to keep and I kept the little sharpener. I will probably use it for my makeup pencils actually (beauty gurus, don't slap me!).

The purplish blue Nicole Miller earbuds come in a really nice white box/ packaging, which I think would be cute to gift to someone in a stocking for Christmas or a birthday, if you wanted to. They are valued at $20. I kept mine - I am always misplacing or breaking earbuds, so an extra pair stashed in a random drawer always comes in handy. They come with different sized rubber earbud replacements - so that is nice if you don't like the fit that comes on them.

Rifle Paper Co. provided a box set of super super cute notecards, valued at $18. This is probably my favorite item included this month, because I am one of those girls that is a freak for paper and cute stationary. I love snail mail, I love sending and receiving cards in the mail - and these are fashionista/ glam/ chic type of plain cards with fashion illustrations on the front that you could just send your girlfriend or mom or even coworker to thank them for something or write them a note. Love this.

There was an Urban Remedy Vegan Brownie in the box - valued at $6. I set it aside when I 1st got the box because it didn't look like it would taste very good! lol. I found it today when I decided to do this review post, and split it with my mom. OMG it was so good, I want another one. It was soft and moist and gluten free and vegan. This would also be a cool treat to put in your fit friends' stockings or gifts this year. They also threw in a card for $10 off any purchase, but you have to place a minimum $50 order to use it. I don't usually use most of these - I will explain when I get to the end of this review when I talk about the Nike card.

I got a black purse sized can of Oribe Superfine Hairspray, that I didn't think too much of at 1st. I put it in my bathroom and used it the other day when I went to brunch by the beach with my best friend. I had a ponytail in, and my hair kind of "bumped up" on the top. The hairspray worked good, not sticky and really held my hair in place with the salty humid air. It didn't have a good or bad smell to me - kind of neutral, which is fine. The crazy thing is that when I looked it up online, I found it it was worth $21.50 at Neiman Marcus. For such a small little travel hairspray, too! So, must be good stuff, right? Maybe they should spice up the packaging a little to make it look as expensive as it is? Just a thought.

Ghirardelli included a "special extra" in the box - which was a blue bag of Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond minis pouch, valued at $6. More chocolate? I won't complain, although I do like to get other jewelry and fashion or books better. I love chocolate and sea salt, but would prefer dark chocolate. They are super tiny, which I like, and I keep them in the bottom drawer of the fridge because I like them cold. I would suggest that the pouch be resealable, because after you cut it, you just have an open bag, and I like to be able to seal it up so you can throw it in a drawer or pantry somewhere. Oh, but I do like the individual wrapping, to keep me in check so I don't eat 10 at a time!

Nike sent a $20 gift card, in a really cute black package with a bow. It says that you have to register on the site, and you get $20 and free 2-day shipping. I don't think there is a minimum purchase requirement, so I really like that. I hate gift cards or discount codes from companies that force you to spend a certain amount of money to use the discount (see above re: the brownie bar). If you really just want a customer to try out your products, they might not spend $75-100 to get the $20 off, for example. I might use this Nike card though to buy a gift for someone or to get a pair of walking shorts or sports bra? Maybe a shirt for my mom or hairbands? I don't know, but you have to use it by end of October. The card also came with a neon yellow measuring tape that you can use for fitness/ body measurements - and I always end up using these to measure furniture or items to put on eBay or Craigslist!

Overall, if I add up the "valued" prices of everything in this month's package, I get around $220 or so worth of loot .. which is a great deal for the only $39.95 that I paid for the Pop Sugar box! I will definitely use the scarf and love the note cards the most - but I do wish there was another fun girly item like earrings, a bracelet, nail polish, a book, or clothing item. Good mix of fitness and fashionista this month though.. and chocolate. :) Looking forward to October! 

Comment below! 

Do you subscribe to Pop Sugar Must Have, or any other subscription boxes? If so, which are your favorite?

Did you get this September box too? If so, what did you think and what are your favorite(s)? Or, send me a link to your blog if you reviewed it too!


My blog is probably a complete mess, because I was trying to switch over to WordPress before I got sick, and never quite got finished. Some of the images on my blog are funky right now, and links might not work.. but the important thing is that I did something I like doing, typed a post, and got to share my review with all of you! #positiveoftheday


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