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Halloween Party & Costume

My friend's family threw a great Halloween party this year and I am fortunate that I was feeling well enough to attend with my friends. I tried to think of the cheapest costume I could throw together, and came up with Gemma Teller from Sons of Anarchy! 

I wore a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt so you could tell who I was - not just a random biker chick! haha - and I wore a push up bra to get into character too. I bought a brown wig at a Halloween store, and some cheap princess highlights at a party store. My dad actually helped me superglue them into the wig! I kind of styled it to look more like Gemma (Katey Segal) and to hide the fact that it was a wig more.  I used tons of silver jewelry that I had at home, and borrowed the blingy belt from my best friend Kimmie. I wore a studded purse from Target, some tight jeans, and some old Nine West leather boots that I donated to Goodwill the day after the party since they hurt so bad lol. I got a fake cigarette at the party store, and got a cheap fork that my mom painted with red nail polish for me! If you don't watch SOA, this was Gemma's big crazy evil murder weapon at the end of last season. It is pretty disgusting, but I thought it would be a funny touch to the costume. I had some temporary tattoos already and picked one that looked similar to her tattoo on her chest, and I used makeup to try and replicate the scar she has down the middle of her chest.  Here it is! :

The party was themed Villian or Hero? - so I was a Villian. Here are some fun photos that were taken with my friends and I:

I hadn't dressed up or gone to a party since 2004 in college! So, it was fun to do that again. 
Oh, here is a fun side by side of me and Gemma! I had fun not smiling and being in character all night! :P

Are you dressing up this year? Going to a party?
If you have kids, what are they going as?! 

Be safe out there!

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