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I have a new FAV JEANS find!! So excited.

I have been a loyal 7FAM - 7 For All Mankind jeans buyer since the early 2000s, during college, when well made designer jeans were really becoming a trend. The 7 jeans have always fit me really well - not to low or high on the waist, perfect where I am "hippy", good lengths, and amazing quality. Size 27 was perfect for me for a long time - 26 when I was feeling skinny, and 28 probably during the holidays :P.. So I haven't bought new jeans in a while - I have been wearing the same holey Lucky Brand jeans all year, and I love them, but I couldn't really find another pair that I liked at the Lucky Store. They are similar to these Charlie Skinny Lucky Jeans.

I went to Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago, tried on a few pairs of jeans on a whim, and found a new best friend named PAIGE. The color and texture and stretch is so perfect. The length is perfect for me at 5'2.5", and I just love them so much. They retail around $179 - which I would never spend on a pair of jeans. I really refuse to pay retail whenever possible, especially on clothing. They had a 30% off sale that day, so with tax, I think I paid around $130.. and will of course earn points on my Nordstrom Visa. Aren't they beautiful?!

Here are some links to the same jeans I found on other websites:

The name of the jeans is PAIGE Verdugo Ultra Skinny - Mid Rise - Ultra Skinny, the Nottingham color. I am a little on the thin side right now, since I have been ill this year - but the jeans have a good stretch, so I think the 26 should be perfect for a while. They also keep their shape really well - as I have seen, and as the sales clerk informed me. I almost don't want to wash them yet! They are already so luxuriously soft.

Then - this past weekend, I happened to be cruising a Nordstrom Rack (heaven) - and randomly found a black pair!! Size 26 - perfect fit again - Black Dahlia color, and a 55% savings for $79.99!! Used Nordy card, so will get points for that too. Here is the same pair at Bloomies:

So, anyways - you're welcome.
Had to brag and share! I love a good pair of fabulous jeans!

Have you tried PAIGE? 
What are your favorite jeans?

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