GretchCannon: The Short Hair Do!


The Short Hair Do!

The Short Hair Do! 

Tired but I felt like blogging tonite, so let's talk about the new short hair do! 
I have been seeing it a lot. I always want to go shorter and blonder and I love to 
see how everyone else is styling it too, so I wanted to make a collage and talk 
about some of the things I like doing with it or what products I have used, 
and see if anyone has tips on what works for them!

So many celebs here with the new short - bob - wavy - crop - bronde - ombre - bayalage haircut!  
I don't know what to call it. It's not like "The Rachel".. so I am not sure if they are calling it anything in particular. I am in the middle LOL - but I found some of these online - Olivia Munn, Brooke Burke, Keltie Knight, Guiliana Rancic, Courtney Kerr, Kaley Cuoco, Ali Fedotowski, & Mandy Moore! I know Jessica Simpson and Lauren Conrad just chopped their hair too, to name some more. 

A few of my girlfriends have taken the plunge too - I think we all love our new hair! It feels sassy and light and a little bit grown up and free. Mine got super thin from the chemotherapy I had earlier this year for my autoimmune disease. I didn't know how to style it as it started growing back a little, so I just chopped it! I didn't even plan on doing it. I decided that day when I was on my way to my hair appointment that I needed a change. I am still sick, but I was and still am hoping it would signify a wiser, happier, me - in a positive new life where I really appreciate everything around me and I am not weighed down by all of life's indifferences. 

I am not super good at styling the do, but these are some of the things I like so far below - A lot of products you can find at or - Nordstrom.Com and - I like mostly because I have prime shipping! 

I wrote a post on a good Chi Flat Iron deal here. I like to straighten with a flat iron, but it doesn't curl well for me or make waves. I think it is probably the most damaging for my hair, but it keeps the most days in a row and is pretty easy and quick. 

I have had an older Paul Mitchell Flat Iron forever that I love. This one is very similar - I think it is the newer version of the one I have:

I have a Hot Tools Curling Wand like this. It seems to work better for me to hold a curl. It is the kind you hold over your head upside down and wrap the hair around with your fingers, without using a clasp. (Truth - I also have a cheap Revlon curling iron and an older Hot Tools curling iron - both with clasps, that I use sometimes too!)

For a detangler/ leave-in conditioner, I use It's a 10 spray. I love this stuff.

Also, fave conditioner is by Enjoy. I don't really have a fav shampoo, but I do use the Clear brand from - I don't think it is great for my hair, but it smells AMAZING. Especially if I don't use any heat on my hair.

I have tons of different kinds of Dry Shampoos, don't have a fav, but this one by Dove smells good and doesn't weigh down or feel sticky in my hair:

I like this styling spray you put on before and after using heat products. It smells really good too. It is by Bumble & Bumble.

I don't have this curling iron, it looks so cool!! Does anyone have it? It is by Dry Bar. It is super pricey though!

P.S. Top Secret! This is one of my FAV products ever... for temporary root cover up. Shh!!

Do you have any fav products for styling short hair?
Any tips?

I don't really have a favorite hair dryer, hair spray or shine.. and I have tried the sea salts and I don't like how salts or mousses really feel in my hair.

A Fit Fashionista 

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