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Couponing Tips: Lesson - Mobile Apps (MIMM #15)

Happy Marvelous in My Monday - thanks Katie!! 

I started couponing this past Fall, as a hobby to keep me busy as I battle with my illness and try to keep my mind sharp. It seems every time I post a new haul on Instagram, I have friends posting or texting me to ask me "How do you do it?" "Teach me!?".. So I wanted to share some of the tips I have come across or things I have learned so far!! 

Couponing Tips: Lesson - Mobile Apps

I will talk about mobile apps in this first quick how-to post..
Click below to download apps that I use to get rebates back on shopping trips.
The screen shot above is from my phone - I have a "Grocery" folder on my iPhone, where I keep all of my couponing, and store-specific money saving apps. 

On most of the these apps, you cruise to see what deals they are offering rebates on.. 
Some are as simple as "apples at any store" and some are specific as "zico coconut water at Target". 
Sometimes you just upload a photo of your receipt, and other times, you also have to scan the product's barcode for further proof of purchase. Usually, you have to accumulate $10-20 before they will cash you out - usually by depositing money into your PayPal account. ShopKick also distributes money, but the points are given when you walk into particular stores or scan their items. Remember, most of these apps are actually utilized AFTER you go shopping - although you can look at them prior to shopping to see what rebates are being offered week to week. 

You can also click on the apps below for some further help in saving money. You can either print coupons directly from using a wireless printer or they will gather the ads from all of your favorite or local stores so that you can access them all in one place while you build your shopping list. These are the manufacturer coupons, that can usually be stacked with store-specific coupons. 

And, last but certainly not least - some of my favorite apps for couponing happen to be for the stores I coupon at the most. Click for those below. These have in-store savings, that you can then stack with manufacturer coupons! 

I know there are a few other apps out there that people like, but these are the ones I pay the most attention to right now. I hope that helps a little. Let me know if there is any particular aspect of couponing that you would like some tips on! And, if you have any more tips - PLEASE let me know! The more we share, the better couponers we all become! 

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