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NSale Leopard Shoes I Love!

Happy Sunday shoppers and bloggers! 

Can you even stand how cute these shoes are? I got these super cute pointy Halogen flats at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - which ends this week on August 7th! More info in this post!

I am not seeing many sizes restocked in this print, but there are tons of other colors available now, and these should be restocked after the sale too. Someone told me that leopard was a neutral, and I don't currently own much, so I went for it! These amazing jeans are also in the sale right now, $90 off, and so comfortable. This is one of my 2 favorite jeans brands - they hug you in all the right places, and I am 5'3" and this length is perfect on me.

I paired the shoes and jeans with a super cute bell-sleeve cold-shoulder white top from Forever21, and I couldn't find it online anymore, but linked an exact dupe below. I grabbed an old leopard clutch (also from Forever21), and linked a high end dupe below. 

My glasses are prescription from (linked below), my favorite arm candy, and my Wear Bracha ring (use code GRETCH10 for 10% off!). I felt comfy and dressy and could really wear this in summer or in fall! I could pair it with a cute jacket when it gets chilly out too! 

Shoes: Exact (#NSale) | Other Colors | Similar
Jeans: Exact (#NSale)
Clutch: Similar
Sunglasses: Prescription
Ring: Exact - 10% off with code: GRETCH10
Watch: Exact
Bracelets: Exact | Similar
Shirt: Similar
Rug: Exact

I hope you enjoyed this look! 

Let me know if you have any other shoe dupes like 
this or if you grabbed any of this great stuff too! 
I never want this amazing Nordstrom sale to end!



Tip Tuesday! DIY Boot Inserts!

Happy 1st Tip Tuesday everyone! I hope you are having a good start to your week. 
I am in a wonderful online community of women (which I will of course tell you all about one day - exciting things are coming soon!) - and someone started a "Tip Tuesday" a week or so ago - where we share fun ideas and tips with one another. Loved the idea, and wanted to post my own tip for you all today! 

Don't you hate when you buy super cute tall boots for fall, and that is all they do in your closet - FALL all over the place (cheesy pun, but totally true)!? Me too - for years, I have been rolling up old magazines and trying to make that work. But, they aren't always thick enough or tall enough to get my boots to stand up the right way in my closet and look pretty and neat! 

First, let us all take a moment to admire the beauty of my new over the knee boots that I scored at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (below)! Such a cute, suede black over-the-knee boot with a 3.5" heel. These are my 1st heel over the knee boots and I could not be more excited to wear these all through fall and winter this year with skinny jeans, leggings, and dresses! I did partake in the faux leather over-the-knee flat boot trend years ago, but this trend, and in suede, is so beautiful, and I cannot wait to style them for you and share some fun OOTDs! 

Now, for the amazing tip! 

I have heard of this and was too stubborn to let go of my magazine trick - but I should have just tried this sooner! I simply went to my local Dollar Tree store and bought 4 blue pool noodles - you know the kind you float around the pool on and you just buy again every year because they are cheap and you want fun colors or yours get sun bleached? YES - $4 for 4 pool noodles - click here for some examples on Amazon. You literally can cut the noodle in HALF or even in THIRDS, depending on the length of the boot. These new tall over-the-knee boots I got actually fit 1/3 of a noodle in each shoe. So, I have plenty leftover for other boots! Just use some sharp kitchen scissors to cut them, or even probably a knife. See photo below - now they are ready to set up in my closet and wait patiently for me to wear them! In the photo above, the inserts are also inside the boots already, shaping them beautifully. 

Let me know if you try this tip out and what you think! 

Exact  $57 off during sale 
Similar $50 off during sale 
Similar $80 off during sale 

Pool Noodles:




The Cutest Beach Hat for Summer!

Happy Monday!! It is a new week and I got a new hat that will be with me this summer at the pool, beach and on vacation! Shop Hat Couture has the freaking cutest beach hats for summer!
Their motto is "Hats that say how you feel, so you don't have to" - don't you love that?

This amazing company is based out of Austin, TX - and "y'all" know that I love Texas - I grew up there during junior high! They customized the hat you see below for me and were so great at communicating and shipping my hat out. I chose the darker color option, with gold sequins for the text, and the black pom poms. They have tons of choices, so you can make the hat perfect for you or someone you love.

You can get a custom hat, or pick one of their super cute pre-made designs for adults or even adorable ones for kids! Check them all out!

Then, use the code GRETCHEN10 to get 10% off of your order!!!! 


Hat - 10% OFF with code: GRETCHEN10
Round Towel (exact)
Mesh Swimsuit (exact - black)

What words would you get customized on your hat?



#NSale - Estee Lauder Beauty Score!

I received my 1st package from the Nordstrom/ sale and I had to share! 
I have talked about the Estee Lauder Time Zone creams before, and they are my ride or die for my AM and PM skincare routine. I was out of the night time creme, so I placed the order and I also got some amazing free gifts. 

No markdowns on this item, but the free gifts were amazing! I try to only stock up or refill these staple when there is a free gift, either from Macy's or Nordstrom. Details about my purchase and the free gifts I received are below. I mean, how could you pass up these steals!?

Right now, during the Nordstrom sale, with a $45 or more Estee Lauder purchase, you receive a free gift, and I chose the REPAIR or Nutritious Radiant Skin Essentials Set, a $109 value, which includes (photographed below):

So for ONLY $75, I scored with over $200 worth of beauty products, that will be awesome for travel, to try some of the newer cremes and should last me a very long time! I almost forgot, I also got 5 mini beauty sample sizes with a beauty purchase - including perfume and misc. creams!!

Did you get any Estee Lauder products at the NSale? 
Or any other beauty products that included free gifts? 
Tell me about them in the comments!

Some of my other NSale purchases will be up soon! 



#NSale - Anniversary Sale Favorites!

Happy Early Access Nordstrom/ Anniversary Sale - First Day!

So, I spent all morning and some of last night (till 2am) working on this post, and my computer and/or Blogger somehow failed me. I switched to my desktop from my laptop this morning and the entire post was gone! So, for time and sanity's sake, I have put everything on a Pinterest board for you of my top picks and awesome deals! I will keep this updated as I find new things during the sale.

Click: My #nsale Pinterest Board - Preview screenshots are posted all over this page!

My TOP 5 tips for the sale:

1. Search for things that will sell out fast - this includes items like over the knee boots that are really good deals for fall, designer handbags like Tory Burch, makeup gift sets, and cute jackets. These are all some of the pricier items usually too, but during the sale, can have the deepest discounts. Wait on some of the things that you can buy later. Early access lasts till July 21st, and the actual sale is July 22 to August 7. This might include bedding, candles, gifts, t shirts, etc.

2. If you don't have a Nordstrom Visa credit card, apply for one today! Or - you can alternatively get a Nordstrom debit card, and earn points super easy as well, without racking up debt and interest that you can with a credit card. It just uses money from your checking account.

3. Use the True Fit Size feature on the website to see what size Nordstrom recommends for you. But don't worry, Nordstrom is KING for returns, so you get free returns, free shipping, etc. on anything you don't like or that does not fit you.

4. Don't forget to shop through Ebates - they are offering 6% back today!

5. If you do have a Nordstrom card, make sure you use your TRIPLE points day today, if you have not used it already! You get to use it for 24 hours, and you earn Nordstrom bucks based on your spending.

Please let me know what you find and what you get! 
I love this sale, and I hope you had as much fun as I did today!



Wear BRACHA Jewelry - Use code: Gretch10 to get a discount!

I am so excited about my new "KINGDOM" ring from BRACHA that I ordered last week and received in the mail a only couple of days later! It was only $52, I got the natural tones color option, and you can get 10% off of any of their products with the code Gretchen15!!! No two rings are the same, and this one is adjustable. I am so in love with it. I love what this brand stands for, and I am excited to start my collection of more pieces from them. 

More photos and info are below. Let me know if you purchase this or anything else from Bracha, and don't forget to use my code Gretchen15 for a discount!

(information below is from the website:)


We believe that every woman is created naturally beautiful and has the right to be free.  That's why over 20% of our proceeds go towards abolishing human trafficking through strategic partners, like The A21 Campaign and many others who work relentlessly for enslaved women and children around the world. 
Did you know that According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas are two of the nation’s largest hubs for human trafficking.  It's not just a 3rd world problem.  Your purchase gets us one step closer to freedom!!  

I love making purchases from great brands like this that spark awareness and give back to amazing, important causes. 

Which piece should I consider purchasing next? This is not jewelry, but I am loving these pretty blue coasters for only $40!

Remember - and use code Gretchen15 to get a discount off of your entire purchase on the site!



July Empties

I have empties for July already! You can check out May's HERE, June's HERE and now, I have 10 for July to share with you. I think these are some good ones! 

Like I always say, some products take us forever to empty out, and some we go through over and over and we have no problem using them up! It is fun for me to reflect back and see what I used, if I loved it, and if I will purchase it again. 

Check out mine below and let me know if you love any of these or have used up anything interesting this month or season so far!

1. CO Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm - This is $7.50 on the CO Bigelow website right now. This has always been my favorite lip balm that I used to stock up from Bath and Body Works. I might have only 1 more in my stock supply now, and they don't carry it at BBW anymore! You can find it on Amazon, eBay or other places like the CO Bigelow site, but BBW now carries more of a gloss in the same flavor. This one is lemony and buttery and so soft and healing on your lips. I just love it. It has been a favorite for me for many years.

2. Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Deep Cleaning Hand Soap - On sale for over 50% off right now at $3! This is probably my favorite all time classic scent from Bath & Body Works, but I usually try to get the same scent in the foam soap. This one was used for the laundry room, attached to James's garage, because it had grit in it to help you clean your hands better. I always love finding a good coupon and using Ebates with BBW orders. I rarely even go in the store anymore. Sounds silly, but their shipping boxes are super cute too with the blue gingham. 

3. Mac Cosmetics Fashion Whim Lip Cremesheen Glass - I don't see this exact color anymore, but the Cremesheens are $20 on the Nordstrom and the Mac Cosmetics websites. I linked a similar color, Boy Bait. I just love a pinky color lip gloss, and I always love Mac products. This tube is white, meaning it might have come in a Holiday set at one time. I loved this one to keep in my purse and wear alone or over lipstick. I will definitely purchase a similar product, I have too many of the old lip glasses, and I like this formula, because it was a lot less sticky. Remember, save up your empty Mac products, with their Back to Mac recycling program, you get a free lipstick when you return 6 empty containers to them! 

4. Clairol Hair Food Sulfate Free Dry Shampoo infused with kiwi fragrance - I loved this dry shampoo. I am always trying different ones, so I might not repurchase unless I have a coupon, but I really liked this one. It is a sample size that I think I got in my Walmart Beauty Box ($5) or a Target Beauty Box ($7). It smelled really good and didn't seem to build up like some dry shampoos do on me. The regular size is on for $11.99 and linked above. 

5. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum - I love the Estee Lauder Time Zone skin care line, and this sample size of the night repair serum usually always comes as part of the free gift that I try to take advantage of either on or I love to use it at night under my regular night time lotion. The full size product that I liked from Macys is $62, so this is an amazing deal! 

7. Henri Bendel Beach Scented Mini Candle - I think my Mom got this for me as a part of a gift - I believe it came in a pack of 3 candles for $30 - and the scents vary by season on this gift packs. You can get the travel size tin, which I linked above, for $15. I love these little jars, they smell so strong and good. I used this one by the bathtub, because then it doesn't run out as fast as the ones I would just keep in my house or room. I also saved this to hold matches or q-tips in or some other cute decor idea. 

8. Crest Pro Health Mouthwash - I have a hard time with finding good mouthwashes, because if they are too strong or taste too much like alcohol, I won't use them. This one was amazing, I always had fresh breath when I used it, and I have already purchased it again. I usually try to use a P&G coupon from the paper and purchase this at CVS or RiteAid. The one I linked is about $6 from 

9. Bath & Body Works Home Love Scented 3-wick candle - I love this candle scent and even design of the container. I actually scraped it out after I used it up and stored it in my "candle drawer" in our bar area at home. I was thinking it would be cute to fill up with candy or decoration around Valentine's Day next year in February. The scents actually vary by season, so this actual scent might not be available right now, but there are a ton of delicious scents online right now that are only $11 each. I really love these BBW 3-wick candles, I love stocking up when they are on sale, and I love the pretty gold and silver stands you can get to keep them in. 

10. La Mer Soft Cream Sample - Nordstrom used to provide this as a beauty sample option, but I have not seen it in a while. La Mer is so expensive, so I would always try to get this and use it as sparingly as possible. Love this, probably will never purchase it, but it was real while it lasted. It is $85 for .5 oz currently on Nordstrom's website. I think you could probably find some samples on Amazon or Ebay or Poshmark if you wanted to search for them!

11. Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser Travel Size - I kept this in the bathtub and used it to scrub my face after washing it. I got it in a Walmart Beauty Box, I believe. It was not as gritty as like the old Apricot Scrub you used was in Junior High, but it was nice on my skin. I would probably not repurchase, but it might be really nice if you have a lot of raised blackheads on your skin. The full size looks actually pretty nice on - linked above, and is only $7, so you cannot beat that in skincare!

I hope you enjoyed my July Empties Haul! I will get you a new list in August for sure! 
Let me know if you have any questions and let me know what products you ran out of this month!! 



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