GretchCannon: Tip Tuesday! DIY Boot Inserts!


Tip Tuesday! DIY Boot Inserts!

Happy 1st Tip Tuesday everyone! I hope you are having a good start to your week. 
I am in a wonderful online community of women (which I will of course tell you all about one day - exciting things are coming soon!) - and someone started a "Tip Tuesday" a week or so ago - where we share fun ideas and tips with one another. Loved the idea, and wanted to post my own tip for you all today! 

Don't you hate when you buy super cute tall boots for fall, and that is all they do in your closet - FALL all over the place (cheesy pun, but totally true)!? Me too - for years, I have been rolling up old magazines and trying to make that work. But, they aren't always thick enough or tall enough to get my boots to stand up the right way in my closet and look pretty and neat! 

First, let us all take a moment to admire the beauty of my new over the knee boots that I scored at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (below)! Such a cute, suede black over-the-knee boot with a 3.5" heel. These are my 1st heel over the knee boots and I could not be more excited to wear these all through fall and winter this year with skinny jeans, leggings, and dresses! I did partake in the faux leather over-the-knee flat boot trend years ago, but this trend, and in suede, is so beautiful, and I cannot wait to style them for you and share some fun OOTDs! 

Now, for the amazing tip! 

I have heard of this and was too stubborn to let go of my magazine trick - but I should have just tried this sooner! I simply went to my local Dollar Tree store and bought 4 blue pool noodles - you know the kind you float around the pool on and you just buy again every year because they are cheap and you want fun colors or yours get sun bleached? YES - $4 for 4 pool noodles - click here for some examples on Amazon. You literally can cut the noodle in HALF or even in THIRDS, depending on the length of the boot. These new tall over-the-knee boots I got actually fit 1/3 of a noodle in each shoe. So, I have plenty leftover for other boots! Just use some sharp kitchen scissors to cut them, or even probably a knife. See photo below - now they are ready to set up in my closet and wait patiently for me to wear them! In the photo above, the inserts are also inside the boots already, shaping them beautifully. 

Let me know if you try this tip out and what you think! 

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Pool Noodles:



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