GretchCannon: Softest Pajamas Ever


Softest Pajamas Ever

These pajamas are the softest most comfy pair I now own! I was actually shopping for a wedding guest dress with my mom one day, when we strolled into Soma to check out the underwear and PJs. These pajama sets that we found are so cute and thin and just amazing quality. I wore them right away, and cannot wait to purchase more sets. I want to just throw out all my old t-shirts and boxer shorts and have only nice, luxury PJs! Click through the images below to shop everything I am wearing in the photo! I could not find the exact bedding, but it is by Daisy Fuentes, and I usually buy my throw pillows at Home Goods. Our bedroom furniture is from Living Spaces. Boots (my cat) was especially excited to make an appearance in this photo. :) And, no - I definitely do not wake up like this. I WISH I did, though! I do know that I am ready to get some new panties, bras, and more jammies at Soma! I love to shop online, but it was also pretty fun to go into the store. They had great customer service and I love how they wrap up your items in your shopping bag. This is not an ad for them, but I am just such a new fan! 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 
Let me know if you have any fav items you like to buy at Soma



  1. YAY for cozy PJs - so necessary for weekends!

  2. I have some really comfy bras from Soma! Love the ohs I may have to check them out!

    1. Thanks babe!! I have to try their bras now too! Their undies are super soft too.


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