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Summer Faves

Happy freaking Summer guys! June is my favorite month, and I wanted to put together a list of my summer favorites for you. It ranges from food to decor, to beauty and fashion and music. I hope you love it!  Some links are in the widget, and every item is listed below from 1-20! ENJOY! and have a safe and happy summer!

1 - Perfume - Sun Di Gioia Giorgio Armani
  • $50 from Sephora or Ulta for 1oz. 
  • Salty, freesia, vanilla scent 
2 - Tanner - Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Mousse
  • $12.99 from Ulta, Target, Drugstore 
  • Doesn't streak, dries quick 
3 - Makeup - Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Parade
  • Less than $60 and values $145 
  • 5 bronzers and blushes mixed
4 - Deodorant - Tarte Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant
  • $14 from Sephora 
  • Smells fresh, lightweight 
5 - Hair - Oribe Beach Wave and Shine Spray
  • $42 or $22 for smaller - at Nordstrom 
  • I got mine on Poshmark for $29 
6 - Sandals - Old Navy Gold Flip Flops
  • Lightweight, gold metallic, lots of colors 
  • $5-15 depending on sale 
7 - Pajama Pants - Soma Crop Ombre
  • $39, soft breathable fabric 
  • Comes in pants, crops, & shorts 
8 - Bright Lipgloss - NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches & Cream and Apple Strudel 
  • Lightweight, $5 each 
  • Buy from drugstore, Target, Ulta 
9 - Bright Nail Polish - Essie Orangey Pink 
  • About $10, mine is Camera, new color this season is called Sunshine State of Mind 
10 - Earrings - Sugarfix by Bauble Bar for Target 
  • $12.99 for lots of different colors, some on clearance for half off 
  • Tassels, trends on the cheap 
11 - Soap - Bath & Body Works Ocean Citrus Foaming 
  • $6.50, sometimes on sale for $3 each
  • Smells so fresh, salty and citrusy 
12 - Drink - La Croix Sparkling Water 
  • Skinny Cans - Target - I love Pineapple Strawberry and cherry lime, I've heard coconut is good 
  • No calories, no artificial sweeteners, sodium free
13 - Alcoholic Drink - Froze  
  • Refreshing drink
  • Made with Rose', Frozen Strawberries, Vodka, Sugar, and Grenadine 
14 - Snack - Tone it Up Bar
  • Buy at Target 4 in a box for $6.99 
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate, 160 cals, 10g protein 
15 - Book / Journal - Style Your Mind 
  • $18 on Amazon
  • by Cara Alwill the author of Girl Code 
16 - Music - 2017 Playlist 
  • On iTunes and Spotify
  • Lots of upbeat summer tunes, country, electronica, alternative, dancing 
17 - Throw Pillow - Outdoor from Target 
  • $10-15 each for every season  
  • Fun colors, can put them outside or inside to freshen up decor 
18- Candle - Gold Canyon Fresh Orange 
  • Medium size $19 
  • Also love Watermelon and Sea Salt Blueberry for summer 
19 - Caftan/ Ruana - Open shirt or coverup with tassels 
  • Nordstrom around $35, got mine at Rack or TJMaxx for about $20 
  • Cute with shorts or jeans and a tank or as a swim coverup 
20 - Swimsuit - 1 piece with fun sayings 
  • Mine was $10 on Poshmark, similar new ones at Nordstrom or Buckle for around $50-60 
  • Fit well, fun for parties 
Please post YOUR favorites for summer in the comments! 



  1. Thanks so much for sharing all your summer favorites! It's always so much fun to see what everyone else is using/ likes! Great way to get inspired! - Melissa

  2. Seems like you have all bases covered with this post. My new fave is the is the Schmidt Naturals deodorant best natural deodorant I've tried by far.

    Hope you have a wonderful summer ! 😀

    1. Ooh thanks! What scent do you like of the Schmidt's? I tried the lime from Target, it felt a little rough but smelled good.

  3. How do you feel the one piece fits on you? I'm nervous to try out a one piece because I'm very chesty.

    1. It fits me awesome, but I am a C cup. Also, it runs short and I already have a short torso. So, someone who is tall it might be tight on.

  4. Ugh, I want to try so many of these things! I love self-tanning and I've been meaning to give that Jergens one a try. I'll have to pick it up soon. Loved the post! xx

    1. Thanks for reading - def try the self tanner, it is the best and easiest one I have found so far and I have tried a ton!

  5. I love your list! The thing I love most is how affordable all these items are. I especially love the book 'Style Your Mind'. I'm going to put it on my amazon wishlist for sure. Thanks so much for such an awesome post.

    1. You are so welcome! I love your name by the way!


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