GretchCannon: Weekend Roundup & Favorite Things


Weekend Roundup & Favorite Things

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!

I loved getting a weekend roundup out last week, so here goes round 2! I have been having a great time with my family this past week and weekend, I read some of my current book on Kindle, watched some TV, went shopping for some home decor stuff and groceries, made tacos, made my 1st celery juice, took a couple of easy sunset walks, spent some time cleaning, I got my 1st powder dip manicure and a pedicure, I went to church, and we have plans to go to a mellow country concert at a winery tonight! I have several doctor appointments next week, so I am praying those go well!  I will be resting up in between so I will respond to DMs and contact you all back during that down time! 

OOTD #1:

Wore this to therapy on Monday - 1st day rocking my new haircut and it was national left handers' day!  Where are my fellow lefties at? I love this top, but I got it a small boutique and couldn't find it online, but I linked a similar one for you. 

Hoop Earrings - Similar
Bracelet - Similar
Phone Case - Exact
Top - Similar
Denim Shorts - Exact
Sandals - Similar 

OOTD #2:

I wore this to my Mom's birthday dinner last week at the casino. Found my exact top for you guys! I love pairing distressed denim with booties for an easy summer to fall transition. 

Earrings - Similar
Necklace - Similar
Blouse - Exact, Similar (75% off!)
Jeans - Similar, Similar
Booties - Exact
Purse - Exact

OOTD #3:

I wore this comfy outfit to my brow waxing and acupuncture appointments! The shorts come with a cute denim belt too, but I wore it without it. Shirt was super roomy and cozy, but lightweight. 

Elephant Necklace - Similar
Phone Case - Exact
Blouse - Similar, Similar
Denim Shorts - Exact
Sandals - Similar

OOTD #4:

I wore this casual tee and jeans on Friday to run errands with my Mom. I am so crazy about these jeans. You will probably be seeing them on REPEAT!!! 

Sunglasses - Exact
Elephant Necklace - Similar
Graphic Tee - Similar, Similar
Distressed Jeans - Exact
Sandals - Exact 

OOTD #5:

On Saturday, I spent some time on my makeup, so of course I had to document it! I found my top and linked it below, along with all of the cosmetics products I used! I also posted this on my Instagram stories if you want to check the Beauty Highlights button. 

Elephant Necklace - Similar
Choker T-Shirt - Exact

  1. Book: I am listening to Yolanda Hadid's book "Believe Me", about her battle with Lyme Disease, a chronic (invisible) illness that I relate to on SO many levels. 
  1. TV Show: I hadn't signed into Hulu in a while, so I was excited to see one of my shows I love "Casual" was still on there, and I have 2 seasons to catch up on! Does anyone else watch it? 
  1. Beauty Product: The Maskcara Beauty eyeshadows I am wearing in the photo above are on sale right now for $8! Stock up before they go back up to $14 each! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post - Tell me what you did this weekend! Love you all! 


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