GretchCannon: August Empties!


August Empties!

Hi friends! You know I love to celebrate my empties!!! I ran out of lots of stuff this past month - which makes me feel not SO guilty for all the purchases I made at the Sephora Sale - check that post out HERE - the sale is still going on till 9/3! I have lucky number 13 products to share with you that I finished up this month:

  1. Pink Himalayan Epsom Salt Mineral Soak - Love taking my bubble baths with this for pain and stress relief. 
  2. Makeup Remover Wipes - Buy these in bulk ladies, because they are so good!  
  3. Eyeliner - In the color Trooper - my ride or DIE! It is trying to roll behind the makeup wipes in my photo - oops
  4. Eye Cream - So good to use at night for your eye area. You wake up and the skin all around them feels plumper. 
  5. Dry Shampoo - I get this in the "deep & dark brown" color! So it doesn't leave any white stuff in your hair, and it kind of covers your roots a little too if you need that. 
  6. Setting Spray - I linked the same product, it just has fancy new packaging. This is the best setting spray out there. I usually try to purchase the NYX Dewy and Matte sprays though, because they are so much cheaper!
  7. Leave-In Conditioner Spray - This is such a cool brand called "Generic Value Products", that makes inexpensive versions of a lot of beauty products, particularly hair products. This one is a dupe for the It's a 10 Leave-In spray. The price really isn't much different here, but I feel like this generic bottle dispenses a lot more. For some reason my It's a 10 always got clogged! 
  8. Shine Oil - This stuff is amazing! Love putting it on the ends of my hair after curling or straightening for a little bit of shine. 
  9. Tanning Mousse - My RIDE OR DIE tanning product. I already have 2 on back up, I had a coupon and stocked up! I use the color Light Bronze. I apply it with THIS mitt from Amazon!
  10. Spray Lotion - in Cocoa Radiant. I should start buying these in bulk. If they ever discontinue this, I will be so bummed!
  11. Spray Lavender - I use this linen spray on my pillow at night to relax me before I go to sleep. It has real essential oils in it and it lasted me about 3 months, because I purchased it on June 1st. 
  12. Collagen Peptides - I put 1 scoop of this in my morning coffee. I am hoping it will help my hair grow, my nails be stronger, etc. It is supposed to help joint pain and your bones too! I also recommend this one by Great Lakes
  13. Dry Texture Spray - I got this as a Sephora trade-in for points deal. LOVE IT! So good for giving your hair some movement and texture. 
Hope you enjoyed my empties for August! 
What did you use up?? I am dying to know! 



  1. I have a pink himalayan epson salt bath soak that I adore too. It really is heavenly. I've also been really into Green and Gorgeous dry shampoo and Inspired Soap Works bath bombs. Oh, and Nuts for Cheese cashew cheese. That stuff is life changing! 😍

    1. OMG I am obsessed with your recommendations. Thank you so much!


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