GretchCannon: Instagram Roundup & Random Things of 3


Instagram Roundup & Random Things of 3

Hi friends! I hope you are having a good weekend. I have a big week next week with a Plasmapheresis procedure, and hopefully a couple of social plans if I am up to it! Here are my last 3 Instagram posts and all the delicious shopping details: 

Top Sandal (beige)Exact 
Bottom Sandal (toffee suede)Exact

Earrings: Exact - $10!  
Bracelets: Similar
Phone Case: Exact
Blouse:Nordstrom Rack, Similar 
Sandals (beige)Exact  
Rug: Exact

Necklace: Small Boutique, Similar
Earrings: Exact
Bracelets: Similar
Sunglasses (in hand): Exact
Tank Top: Gifted, Similar, Similar
Skirt: Old Navy, Similar, Similar
Purse: Exact
Sandals (beige): Exact  

3 Random Things:
  • Another book finished, and 5 stars from me: My Oxford Year! I was excited for it to end, but then I was so sad it was over! I loved the landscape and the characters. It was kind of magical for me. I am ready to wanderlust as soon as I am able. I would love any book recommendations from all of you! 
  • I posted a ton of stuff to My Poshmark Closet and I have a ton more stuff to go through and post! If you don't already have an account, register HERE and use code GRETCHCANNON for $5 credit! I also posted some things to My Mercari Closet. Sign up HERE and use the code TWTVPF for a $10 coupon!
  • Amazon purchase of the week = These fabulous white Fuax Gucci Slides. Yaaasss, you are welcome! Seriously, let me know if you get these. I am pretty excited about them.. even if they do come from China and may not arrive for another month! Haha! 

Love you all! 



  1. Such cute outfits! Good luck with your procedure next week I can't even imagine what you must be feeling.

  2. Great post, love the gucci shoes.

  3. these are all so cute, gretchen! <3

  4. I am loving those shoes! And leopard is so hot right now!! I can’t stop getting all the leopard things!

    Xo, Steph

    1. Omg thanks Steph! I want all the leopard things too! I am glad it is back on trend.

  5. Thank you - I am super excited about them!!!

  6. nice post!!! i love those toffee suede shoes they are soo cute and I defiantly loved how you paired them with each outfit. <3


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