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Happy Weekend Everyone! 

I have been going through old clothes, purging by trying to see what I want to sell on Poshmark or Mercari, or donate. In doing so, and you have probably done this once or twice in your life too - I say, "I don't need ANY new clothes!

So, I went on the record on Instagram stories to keep myself accountable and announced that I was challenging myself and my followers to #noshopseptember - meaning I cannot buy any new clothing or accessories for the rest of the month, at the least! Sounds easy right? I am a sucker for a sale though, and doesn't that thing always happen to you too when you are at Target and you just have to browse the new graphic tees or seasonal accessories?! Yep, I got you! 

See details for this look below. The hat and earrings are newer and exact, but the rest are "shopped" from my closet - meaning I haven't worn them in a while, so I found similar items that you could use to get the same look. I felt comfy and sassy in this and it felt good to get ready at least once this week, because I had my Plasmapheresis treatment on Monday and have been also resting and practicing self care. 

Upcoming blog posts to look out for: 

  • Creating Halloween party invitations with the customization site, Basic Invites
  • Some super cute fall pieces I got from an online boutique called PinkBlush.

Are you participating in #noshopseptember with me? 

Comment below! 


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