GretchCannon: November Empties


November Empties

November Empties time baby! 

Ya... this one is so late!! I was busy with the Holidays, then I went to the hospital over Christmas and am still dealing with a blood clot and a lot of swelling, so things have been crazy over here! December empties coming soon too, LOL. I seriously love doing this post for you guys though, so I am thinking of it as some good therapy! 

And hello...Happy New Year! Let me know how you are doing and what products did you use up over the past couple months? 

Collagen: Love this collagen protein powder in my coffee! It is so good for your hair, skin, nails & joints! Has no taste and mixes super easily. Already repurchased! 

Hairspray: This Sebastian Shaper hairspray is so good! No smell or clean smell, not sticky, and holds hair really well. Would repurchase again if I run out of other hairsprays. 

Wrinkle Release Spray: I go through this pretty quickly, but I love the small size for travel. Perfect for getting wrinkles out of your clothes, quickly & with no mess! Already have backups in stock. 

Skin Cream: This collagen hydrator is so amazing and moisturizing! I probably wouldn't buy this one again, considering I am not actually sure where I got it, but I did really like it. 

Perfume: This was my SUMMER 2018 scent guys. I am obsessed with it and would recommend it to anyone who loves a floral/ vanilla/ sunny perfume. I would definitely buy this again, and I still recommend it to all of my girlfriends. 

Foam Tanner: Always using this up and repurchasing, my #1 fav at home tanner. SO easy to apply, looks natural, and doesn't transfer or smell funny! Already restocked in my bathroom! Also gonna try some St. Tropez spray tan, so I will let you guys know how that goes! 

Estee Lauder Firming Serum: This is a white (not clear) serum that is amazing for collagen building and softening your skin. I love it! Would definitely purchase this again or look for it in one of their gift with purchases. 

Estee Lauder Moisture Creme: This was my first time trying this cream and I really liked it. It has pomegranate concentrate and is supposed to even out your skin texture. Same as I said above, I would definitely purchase this again or look for it in one of their gift with purchases. 

Shimmer Powder Blush: This bronzer/ blush/ highlighter from Benefit is amazing you guys. Price point is usually around $30 for Benefit's bronzers or blushes and I seriously love them all. Love this, and if I need a new bronzer or blush I will definitely repurchase. 

That is it for November! Thanks for reading. 

What did you use up?
What will you repurchase? 
What was a dud? 

Love you guys! 



  1. Yes that foam tanner is my holy grail !!!

  2. I have used up my becca primer, so i bought a milk makeup stick! Seems pretty good so far!


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