GretchCannon: City of Hope - now in Orange County!


City of Hope - now in Orange County!

 City of Hope - now in Orange County!

As you may know, I go to City of Hope in Duarte every 4-5 weeks to receive monthly plasmapheresis for my autoimmune encephalitis. When I had exhausted every other local hospital, and even every other out-of-state option, it was City of Hope that had the right doctor for me, and these amazing treatments that let me have a better quality of life. 

I live in the middle of Orange County and recently learned that City of Hope was expanding near me. I am so honored to partner with them to spread the word about City of Hope OC. They are currently building a 190,000 sq ft treatment center in Irvine. It is set to open summer of ‘22, and will offer clinical trials, specialized cancer care and early detection and prevention programs. 

This November is lung cancer awareness month and City of Hope Orange County is addressing lung cancer incidence in the community and educating residents about available resources for prevention, early detection, and highly specialized lung cancer care. I was touched to share this story about Dori Newman, who is also a patient of City of Hope in Duarte, and took classes at Cal Poly Pomona, where I graduated as well: 

Dori was first diagnosed with melanoma, and partnered with City of Hope to form their first skin cancer support group in 1999. Then, in 2005, Dori was participating in a lung cancer screening project at City of Hope, and as a former smoker, they found a tumor on her lungs, and were able to remove it.  Quoting Dori from this article, she says, “To anyone who used to smoke, or still smokes, or anyone who has found themselves around secondhand smoke or experiences symptoms of lung cancer, I encourage you to ask your doctor about LDCT lung cancer screening. It changed my lung cancer story, and it might change yours.”

Every cancer is different and requires targeted therapy to reach an individual’s specific gene changes of proteins. Having this capability available at several locations throughout Orange County is rare and wonderful because it yields better outcomes for their patients.  All of their consultation and treatment areas are designed to be bright and to help foster good communication with the patient’s medical team. Physicians and staff provide the compassionate care that is a hallmark of City of Hope OC. 

If you or someone you know requires assistance for any other kind of cancer, please follow to connect with City of Hope Orange County ->


Here a few of my own photos from City of Hope:

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